Vanuatu Tourist information

Tourist information Vanuatu

Ministry of Tourism | Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Department of Commerce is a Governmental Authority under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Trade and Ni-Vanuatu Business. Founded in 1998 under the name National Tourist Developing Office (NTDO). Previously, there was the National Tourist Office (NTO), which was founded as a legal entity to support and facilitation of tourist developments in Vanuatu.

NTDO's creation was inspired by the island's scarcity of local community involvement to encourage and facilitated Ni-Vanuatu's involvement in tourist developments. With the founding of NTDO, the NTO's previous responsibilities were divided into the area of destinations and the Vanuatu Tourist Office is now responsible for this area.

NTDO received the mandates for politics, destinations managment, project engineering, luxury cruising and tourist standard.

Vanuatu tourist visas to India necessary documentation

In this section, India nationals wishing to obtain a visas will find all information on the various kinds of visas and proof. Find out about the available visas, the necessary documentation for the request, the visas charges, the visas forms, the visas center and general policies for citizens of India wishing to visit Vanuatu on a tourist visas.

Vanuatu Indian National get on arrival visa for up to 30 acres. Please note: The visa fee may vary. Though the information on this website has been compiled with the greatest possible diligence. Rules and demands can be changed, however. The Embassy/Consulate reserve the right to request extra documentation or a face-to-face meeting in specific cases.

The presentation of the above-document does not ensure that a visas will be issued. Failure to provide complete paperwork or to attend a specific face-to-face meeting may lead to your request being rejected. As everyone neglected to get my wife's UK visas, BTW was helping and applying for her visas and she got her visas.

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