Google Maps Ufo Coordinates

Maps UFO coordinates

Have a look at the "motorcycle offer" on Google Maps. Of the other UFOs discovered with Google Map, this is my experience. Now, damn, you can find it on Google Maps. Do you want the GPS coordinates of the base? A would-be UFO observer might be tempted to see the base at night.

Weirdest things you can see on Google Maps.

Google had an unbelievable repertoir that allowed us to discover the lunar surfaces, float deeply in the sea or see bird and road vistas from all over the world. However, for every wonder of nature there is a place concealed that is blurry from the field of vision. If it' s someone behaving in a strange way on UFO plot theory or UFO plotting, here are some of the weirdest pages you can try with Google Maps.

We used a computer, but the below link works on a smart phone or tray if you have Google Maps up. Google Maps' bird perspective can cause a strange visual deception. But before you call Mulder andcully, just put the Street view sticks on the mixer and you'll see that it's just a modest watertower.

UFOs seem to be spending most of their free air searching Google Maps/Earth for proof, a diversion that seldom produces extraterrestrials, but raises some interesting aberrations. ScottĀ C. Waring thinks he may have discovered the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, which vanished in 2014. "``Waring, look at what Waring thinks in the tape below - what do you think?

In order to see it, please click here to load Google Earth and type in the coordinates: As they make their laps with 360-degree rigging cameras, the StreetViews are sure to catch some strange things. Google Streetview cars have not been around since March 2013. The two aging rocker were seen under the southwest of England's radars thanks to the miracles of Google Street-Views.

Isn' that the prodigal town of Atlantis? In 2009, when spacecraft images discovered a city-like lattice the scale of Wales on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the possible exploration of the missing town of Atlantis, as described by Plato, was announced by geographers. According to legends, the town disappeared into the ocean in 6,000 BC after not conquering Athens, and this is regarded as a possible place.

Those peculiar satanical icons were burned into the earth's surfaces in the extreme secluded Lisakovsk area of Kazakhstan. Most of the above Google Maps functions have a seeming logic behind them; in the near term we will be exploring some less easily explained websites. There are 4 good reason why you should try Google Earth Pro.

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