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Hello. Isn' that the Cook Islands Premier: Reading Trip 2013 | Travelling

One can read a great deal about a particular land in one's phone book. Attempts by the Cook Islands are a partner with the same rights, an example of democracy and a historic stock. Like the first thing that comes to the unhappy person's head when he hears the threat of an aqueous dying, "Where did I put the phone book?

" On a few pages, the occasional visitor finds the number for the telephone enquiry service, although it is basically only connected to a telecom operator sitting in a room with only one telephone and a copy of the same tape. So no big help if you can't find the number you're looking for, but much more useful if you're in a hurricane and moving your phone book.

In the category classified advertisements you will not find a driver's instructor. Your service is not required: the Cook Islands test takes only a few moments, during which the winning candidate only has to complete a few bends to the lefthand at a maximum of 40 kph. However, it compensates for the lack of teachers in the telephone book in terms of democracy by providing a list of each Member's number.

Angry Cook Islanders can vote to Premier Henry Puna with their sentiments. After we finally left Rarotonga behind us, we come on our trip through the phone book to segments for each of the 12 other islands occupied. There are only 39 telephones in Nassau and only 24 in Nassau.

Call one of the numbers for Palmerston lsland and you'll probably be replied to by someone named Marsters, who will speak to you in English with a unique West Country song. The 52 people of the entire population of the isle descend from one man: Of course, he's in the phone book. Granted, it could come from a large British municipal archive, but Steve transforms it into a real "journey" by structuring it.

When I' m just rereading, I want to go to the Cook Islands - something I've never thought of before" THE PRICE: An eight-day bike ride in Cuba with G Adventures (0844 272 0000, There was a pair of Lebaneses sitting in air-conditioned loneliness in a blank S. U. V. When we rattled down the platform, a new multitude was waiting, equipped with the same travel utensils - chicken baskets, smashed cases, a refrigerator covered in plastics and cloths that were thrown over our body or balanced on our head.

With 120 Malawi Kwachas (about 20p) it is almost too good to be the truth for a four-hour trip through the wildlife. I am brought back from my reverie by the penetrating screeching of the pipe and I scurry down the station as the cars begin their hesitant voyage into the warm, dark Africa sundown.

It' s lightweight and airy and the large, broad window is pulled all the way down to blast away the suffocating heats. I have new fellows wearing all kinds of dresses and kind faces that make me feel comfortable. I' m aware that I' m the only cue ball out of over 100 Africans, but you wouldn't know there's anything else about us.

Soon afterwards the next one turns to me with shyness and asks for a small bundle of cardinal-coloured fruits. I' m leaning my neck against the rough car body and smiling. Only a few kilometers from the Malawi - Mozambique frontier, when the car arrives in Nayuchi, I notice a mom across from me.

She' s lovely and her quiet is reminiscent of my mum. "Prudens ", repeating the nut, radiant and submissive. Now, I just blink, grab my purse and get out of the coach and into the Nayuchi swarm. He says: "He has some problems (e.g.:'I am the only caucasian among the more than 100 Africans, but you don't know that there is something else about us.

However, it has a strong personality language - to name the child after its mum, to feel at ease, to bring in its own "little prayer", etc. It' a true individual trip with a beautiful storytelling form, and the handmade banana is used so skilfully that it could deserve a second place all by itself!"

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