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Cook Islands offer another form of secrecy. The Cook Islands Language Week - Te'Epetoma or Te Reo K?ki '-

Co-cook islands lingua week - Te'Epetoma o Te Reo K?ki'?irani is celebrating the langauges that the Cook Islands speak; Cook Islands M?ori, the West Pole dialect Pukapuka and the unmistakable mix of Cook Islands M?ori and English that is used by the Palmerston Island population. Cook Islands 2018 Week will run from Sunday 29 July to Saturday 4 August.

Furthermore, the Cook Islands M?ori has a number of different idioms, the most commonly used of which is Rarotongan. Cook Islands Language Week 2017 was about:: Have a look at our pictures from Cook Islands Language Week. Thanks to Sera Thompson from the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs for making these pictures available.

For Pasifika's greetings, please visit the website of Pacific Languages Week, Ministry for Pacific Peoples.

Humankind in the Cook Islands

Since 1965, the Cook Islands have been a state in free Association with New Zealand and have the capacity to enact their own legislation and to engage in the implementation of internationally recognised humanitarian law. In general, as provided for in the 1965 Constitution, there is good respect for fundamental freedoms, but there are still a number of questions.

This includes restrictions on legal and civil liberties, the right to participate politically, women's liberties, the right of minority sexuality and religious liberty. Cook Islands are not members of the United Nations. The agreements concluded by the government of New Zealand have not extended to the Cook Islands since 1988, unless specifically indicated.

Previously, New Zealand had expanded the scope of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and its first Optional Protocol, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) to the Cook Islands.

5 ] It is remarkable that the Cook Islands have not yet signed seven of the nine most important CHRTs. Among the two tools that the state has had to approve since 1988 are the 1997 CRC (Convention on the Right of the Child) and the 2006 CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women).

They have also signed the 1949 Geneva Conventions on the Status of Persons with Disabilities and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Basic civic and civic prerogatives are safeguarded by the Constitutional Law 1964, Part IV, which was established in 1981 by Constitutional Amendment No. 9.

6 ] Among the copyrights are: Any of these prerogatives shall be restricted by Article 64(2) of the Constitution by: any applicable legal provision; for the protection of the prerogatives and liberties of others or in the interest of civil liberties, order or morality; the general well-being or public order; or the general securities of the Cook Islands.

An important question is the attendance of the House of Ariki, a parliament of high chieftains of the Cook Islands, who are not chosen but nominated by the Queen's representative. Though the Cook Islands themselves have CEDAW ratification, the matter is still gender-based crime. While there is no solid information on the prevalence of household abuse in the county, anaecdotal proof suggests that it is prevalent but largely unreported[15] The Crimes Act 1969, which provides for large sex crimes, does not cover the full spectrum of activities that normally occur in cases of the family.

LGBTs in the Cook Islands are an urgent subject. No legislation exists against sexually oriented people. Cook Islands Government Online Archiviert 2008-07-23 an der Wayback Machine. Cook Islands Government Online: Cook Islands Government Online:

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