Maui Vacation Attractions

The Maui Vacation Attractions

Allow Outrigger' Hawaii Vacation Condos to be your portal to the many activities in Maui, Hawaii. I assume that by attractions you mean both places and entertainment, but not necessarily activities. From world-class golf courses, the historic Lahaina, snorkelling, diving, surfing, sailing and a ferry to Lanai Island, take your Maui vacation minutes. Discover everything that the beautiful Maui has to offer! Maui Hawaii Guide takes you to the local Maalaea favorites and other special island hotspots!

Sightseeing Island Attractions & Island Excursions

On Maui there is much more to do than you could squeeze into a life full of holidays. Enjoy the broad offer of Maui acitivities and culturally attractions. Allow Outrigger' Hawaii Vacation Condos to be your gateway to the many and varied outdoor pursuits in Maui, Hawaii. ALOHAPOREVER Hawaii Marriages - Accessible Hawaii Marriages Bundles.

Custom guided tour in Maui - Unique and accessible personal itineraries. Alloha Apparel Shirts & Fun Products - Apparel Shirts & Fun Products from Hawaii - Apparel from Hawaii. Hawaii Maui - Information about Maui Hawaii incl. Haleakala National Park, Hana, Kaanapali, Kahakuloa, Kahului, Kapalua, Lahaina, Makawao and Wailea-Makena. Find out why natives say "Maui no Kai Oui" - Maui is the best.

Let Outrigger's Hawaii Vacation Condos link you to the Maui attractions you're looking for. For more information about our Maui Vacation Condos & Getaways click here.

The Maui Vacation Nightlife - Sights and Activities

As Maui turns off the light at 10pm, we have much more to do than the usual attractions of Oahu's night life. Booking a boat trip at sundown. This is an exciting way to experience a stunning panoramic look at the sundown while the cooks make a selection of warm and cool starters that are sure to please.

Catch dolphins and whales in the evenings while relaxing on one of the unbelievable solarium cruise in Maui. There is nothing you can do incorrectly, from the Maui Arts and Culture Center to the city' s scenes, no matter where you are spending your free day. On Friday evenings, city events are also a great way to catch the taste of Maui's music.

Make your reservations early to get the best places! Booking a show in person. Watch the thrilling shows and performances on MACC or sign up for Tripadvisor's #1 voting action on Maui to see the amazing show Burn'n Love with Elivs Presley. Whatever you decide for, it's always good to have an exiting and funny evening!

Eat under the star. Founded in 1991 by 12 Hawaiian cooks, Hawaii Regional Cuisine started a gastronomic move to mix different ethnical flavours of cuisine from around the globe. It was one of the endeavours to use the freshness of the island's produce from places like Kula and Upcountry Maui, where the abundant vulcanic ground and cold climate are located on the hillsides of Haleakala.

On these areas cows are bred, fruit and vegetable are grown and the well-known Möui sweets are produced. Whereever you want to eat under the star, like Beverly Gannon (Haliimaile General Store, Joe's), Mark Ellman (Mala Ocean Tavern, Mala Wailea) and Peter Merriman (Hula Grill, Merriman's Kapalua). There are other good dining establishments in the resorts of Kapalua, Kaanapali, Lahaina, Kihei and Wailea, all of which offer the unmatched flavours of Hawaii Regional Cuisine.

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