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The Surf' s Up is an animated feature that takes you behind the scenes of the highly octane world of penguin surfing. The Surf' s Up is a relaxed, visually stunning animated film that adds a new touch to some well-known conventions. The Surf School is the leading surf school in the UK. The Surf' s Up summary of the cash results, charts and release notes and related links. The Real Wave Surfing comes to London.

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Surf' s Up is an US computer animation 2007 Ash Brannon and Chris Buck comic. It was first shown in the USA on June 8, 2007 and sold by Columbia Pictures. The 17-year-old rock phoenix Cody Maverick, who is living in Shiverpool in the Antarctic with his mum Edna and his older sibling Glen, is followed by a documented team.

Since Ezekiel "Big Z", the famous surfers, came to Topanga a few years ago, he wanted to become a pro Surfers. As a scavenger called Mikey comes to find participants for the Big Z Memorial surf competition, despite a missing sponsorship from his parents, he leaps on stage.

On the way to the competition he makes friends with another participant, Chicken Joe. Participants arriving at Pen Gu Island, where the competition takes place and immediately fell in sweet relish with Lani, a feminine Pentoo biologist who is a lifesaver. The Shredder" Evans, an haughty guinea pig who has won the Big Z Memorial nine games since it first took place after the supposed Z killing ten years ago.

Seeing him destroy the monument to Big Z, Tank immediately faces Tank in a surf game. Petrol slightly victorious while Ceody almost drowned. Chani saves him and brings him to her uncles, the "geek", to help her to help her to get back from his wound. When he can't find the chain of souvenirs he got from Big Z as a child, Andy awakes and gets panicky.

He criticises the chain, but chooses to give it back when he finds it later in his shed. As he returns the chain, Geek finds himself seated on a block of Koas and invites him to help him build a greatboard. They' re trying to take the wood back to Geek's place just to loose the controls and land on a shore far from the competition.

Coming to the shore, he finds a hut full of old trophy and surfing boards, which are actually Z's property. Having watched Geek in the hut in a sad way, he realises that Geek is actually A and asks him to show him how to surfs. Resolutely agreeing, but says that he has to make his own one first.

However, the try does not go well, as an unpatient body does not take Z's suggestion and makes an instable plank that breaks as soon as it tries to get into the canal. Angrily he stormed off and met Lani, who finally persuaded him to come back. Tonight a luckier, more tolerant body works on a new plank, finishes it by tomorrow and goes to sleep.

He praises him on his plank, but when he is ready to begin the workout, he instead lets him do apparently lowly exercises that have nothing to do with windsurfing. He loses his temper with a twitch, puts him on the plank and shoves him into the pool while he sleeps like a mischief. He is asked if he had a good time, and when he says "yes" by the name of Andy he is taken on the beach by the name of Paraguay. He is taught how to ride the wave, both accompanied by Lani.

After that, she asks if he will come to see the competition, but Zen rejects and says that he pretended he died because he realised that he could not keep up with his then new competitor Tank, and that he was in disillusion. Unimpressed that he has just given up, Coody tosses the collar that he has been given into the ocean and walks out, gets together with Joe and returns to the competition just as he begins.

Tank-- he's gonna make it to the final, just like CCY and JOE. Tank fights Tank with him in the semi-finals, trying to knock him off the plank, but Tank drops off his own plank and looses. But during the final Tank bounces in and tries to beat Joe off his back.

At the last moment Cosy interferes and sends him and Tan into a surf hazard known as Boneyard, which has murdered surfer who dared to go there. Panzer beats off Cody's plank and is saved by Lani. Ts, who had watched him in secret, saves him from a giant surge and assists him to return safe to the shore.

Meanwhile, Joe and Joe find out that Joe won by standard because Tank and Joe lost the game. Yet after deciding to just have a good time, he' s willing to accept the losses. He concludes his interrogation with a review of past happenings and then follows the remainder of his buddies in the waters.

Cody Maverick, a 17-year-old rockhopping female kite who is dreaming of surfing. and Cody' interest in sex. The Shredder" Evans, Cody's competitor. as Edna Maverick, Cody's mum. Glen Maverick, Cody's older sibling.

In order to support the movie's publication, McDonald's distributed Comic-Con 2006 surf board growth with the movie's emblem and Cody's rendered. 8 June 2007, McDonald's released eight surf's up toys in their happy meals for one months. There are a few small cuddly figures from Cody, Lani, Chicken Joe and Geek replacing some of the US line's favourite games on the Aussie leatherwork.

It was also linked to the Air Heads, which introduced a "New Wave" taste (pineapple) and four collectable lens-like surfboard shapes. Built-A-Bear Shops were selling stuffed animals of the movie's main character, Andy Maverick. Sponsors could "build" their own body and equip it with a range of surfing clothes and other accessoires in Built-a-Bear garages.

You could also buy body and equipment on the offical site. Sweetheart, Lani, Tank, Geek, Big Z, Chicken Joe and Reggie Belefonte. An uncommon collection of bigger (15 inch geek) and higher value plush was provided at the after part of the film. There are no commercial sales schemes for the puppets and there are no commercial ones.

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