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Catamarans from Great Britain

View a selection of our own cruises tailored exclusively for you. One of the greatest attractions of a cruise is visiting a variety of tempting destinations in just one holiday. Canoeing; Cruise; Hotel stay;

Tour; Flights. It couldn't be easier to spend a holiday at sea with free pick-up at your doorstep. No matter what you are looking for in a holiday, cruise tours should definitely check all the right boxes, so what are you waiting for?

Adventure made simple, since 1961

Get lost in the sandy remains of amphitheaters, crusader fortresses and the antique town of Petra. Exciting, mysterious and thoroughly life-affirming, you' ll enjoy adventure in the Shogunate and on a cruise through the jungles. Drive on the tracks through the untouched Rockies woods and snowy landscapes and discover old Qu├ębec. Hike through magnificent avenues and Inca Ruins, hike through a rain forest and discover a country of fire and glaciers.

Enjoy Mother Nature at its best in one of the most unspoiled and species-rich areas of the world.

Cruises in the USA and Canada

Discover everything North America has to offers with our tours! North America offers a wealth of great sights from the Alaska Icefields to the brilliant New York City candles. Cruise1st specialises in tailor-made cruise offers and would like to make your vacation pleasant, unforgettable and stress-free from beginning to end.

Either one of the scheduled tours and trips can be booked or our cruise specialists can advise you. One of the best ways to discover them is by train. Have a look at our North American tours to find the right pack for you.

When you need help, contact our cruise expert staff and find out what we can do for you.

Australia & New Zealand Tours

Would you like to see Australia and New Zealand? We have developed our Australian and New Zealand tours to help you make the most of your holidays. Want to discover the Australian heartland? Get on the powerful Indian Pacific sleeper coach and set off on an epic 2,700 mile trip from Sydney via Adelaide to Perth.

Featuring large viewing panels in each cab for an undisturbed look at the magnificent scenery of the backcountry and a variety of off-train pursuits, this four-day journey is a must for adventurous adventurers of all age. This is no hassle, we have great tours for you.

Australia and New Zealand have adventure in store for you. Have a look at some of our favourite tours. You can also take many more country tours. Contact our seasoned cruise professionals today to learn more about our latest offerings and exclusives.

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