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Adult Only Cruises could be just what you're looking for. On board our comfortable, smaller, less crowded and classically designed cruise ships you can enjoy Fred's personal, attentive service, friendly, familiar atmosphere, delicious food and fantastic entertainment. Adult cruises are an entertaining and relaxing way to enjoy the happiness of this one and a half hour journey as we take passengers sailing into the bay of Munising. AULT ONLY CRUISES, our blogs and films about ships, restaurants, cabins, laundries and routes. Are you a couple looking for a romantic cruise or an anniversary cruise, or if you are parents desperately looking for a childless escape, try a cruise for adults only!

Saya Cruises:

If you are looking for a stress-free holiday, an all-inclusive adult excursion is the Grail. There are no children taking over the whirlpool or moaning at supper, no nickels and no dimming to escape the pleasures of living on board. When you are this type of traveller, you might be disillusioned to know that choices for kid-free, no extras cost luxury liner shipping services are finite (although, as we point out, this will describe most fluvial cruises and the small boat cruises).

These are the best all-inclusive cruises for grown-ups - plus some extra consideration for routes and routes. There are two major companies with a policy that excludes kids and a very integrated price policy. Saya Cruises: The UK shipping line Saga Cruises operates small boat trips solely for over-50s.

Prices are inclusive of all lunches (no surcharge for any restaurant), tips on board, Wi-Fi, food, wines with lunches and dinners, boat transfer and shuttle service from/to the city. It has two vessels, the Pearl II with 449 passengers and the Saphire with 720 passengers. Cruises in the Vikings Ocean: Departures from all over the world by cruise are at least 18 years old.

Prices includes a land trip in each harbour, Wi-Fi, lunches and dinners in its on-board dining room (except The Kitchen Table, which is part of the land trip), self-service linen and wines, beers and sodas. At the moment, Viking's ship pool comprises three vessels, with two more starting in autumn 2017 and early 2018.

There are other adult cruises, but have more a la carte fees, or are very much included, but do not prohibit children (even if you do not find them often). A few of these may still be correct for you, so don't exclude the following choices. Must All-Inclusive cruising line: Regent Seven Seven Seas Cruises has the most included in its basic fares: all gratuities, all beverages (including mini-bar setups), several land trips in each harbour and shuttle services to the city, all major and speciality restaurants, one Wi-Fi per suitcase per day, airfare, and airfield-transfer.

Alaska and Europe Summer Cruises have an appropriate number of cruises for young and old, so choose longer and more extravagant cruises if you want to minimise the number of youngsters on board. You can find more in our history of the top 5 luxurious all-inclusive cruises. Real Adult only: P&O Cruises operates three adult cruises (18 years and older): the Adonia with 710 passengers, the Arcadia with 2,094 passengers and the Oriana with 1,800 passengers.

If you want a child-free adventure on a bigger boat, the UK line is a good choice. Grand Circle cruises with small ships to a wide range of locations for more than 50 people. Cruises on the river: There is a 12-13 year old min. for multiple water cruises (Emerald Waterways, Grand Circle, Scenic and Viking), but most cruises dishearten under 8 years old and most cruises have no child at all.

Cruises on the rivers usually include more exclusive rates with beers, wines and sodas for dinners, land tours, Wi-Fi and cycling. Flat-rate flux cruises include Tauck, Scenic and Crystal Cruises, which also provide free shuttle services from the airports, all alcohol beverages (not just for dinner), tips, specific activities (remember to dine at the castle) and mini-bars in your room.

Adult focussed, small-scale cruises: Oceania ultra-premium Oceania and Azamara Club Cruises may have fewer fares than their luxurious equivalents, but their small boats are generally less child-friendly than routes such as Regent, Crystal and Seabourn, without any program for assistant carters. Azamara, with its two 690 passenger boats, is the more comprehensive of the two, which includes gratuities, all non-alcoholic sodas, a restricted selection of alcohol based beverage (selected basic liqueurs and beer plus home wines), washing and a dedicated shore evening, known as an AzAmazing evening, on each of the cruises.

Six-vessel Oceania Cruises only offers soft drink and meal in major and speciality dining areas; however, there is often a special offer that offers free Wi-Fi to Cruiseships and a selection of free land trips, drink packages or on-board credits.

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