National Park of the American Samoa

American Samoa National Park

American Samoa National Park Lately we have been visiting the National Park of American Samoa. American Samoa National Park is a special and nice place. Approximately 23,000 tourists visit the park outside the islands, 15,000 of them from luxury linerboats. Only a few humans stay the nights on the islands to record everything. There are only bat species in the park.

The Samoan Flying Fox is one of three types of avian. The park is only two minutes away. Guests will pass through some small towns while driving through the park. American Samoa National Park is the only national park where travelers, citizens of America included, need a visa.

Samoa is an American that is protecting its own boundaries. Parkland is not in the possession of the National Park Service. The United States government is leasing parkland for municipal lands legislation and tradition. Most of the paths lead over privately run countryside. This is the only national park where you can see a canned tunnel from a vantage point.

Starcist Tuna has a canning factory in American Samoa and is the biggest privately owned company on the Isle. American Samoa National Park is the only national park in the southern part of the Ecuador. Samoa prides itself on having the most southern point of US soil. It is the only park whose visitor centre was devastated by a tidal wave.

In the new visitor centre in Pago Pago, users can see photographs of the 2009 devastation. We believe American Samoa has a roaming issue. People will see them everywhere, even in the National Park. Anyone visiting the National Park of American Samoa should first stop at its new visitor centre in Pago Pago.

It is a pleasure for them to inform the visitor where they are going, what they can see, how they can find the bat and how they can inform themselves about Fa'asamoa - the Samoan Way. They' ll be glad to advise you on other activities on the islands and point you to the best places to eat. Start of the park's major street just behind Rainmaker Mountain.

It is no wonder that American Samoa gets up to 300 inch of rains per year. National Park was no different. The island of Pola is the landmark of the park. The picture was taken in one of the small towns that punctured the parkstreet. It'?s not in the national park.

It is recommended to explore as much of the islands as possible. The first three unsuccessful searches for Fruit Baats. So we went back to the Visitor Centre to find out the way. As soon as we found them, they were plenty of fruit bat in a tree, not a cave. Fruit bat are enormous in comparison to all the bat we've seen before.

A lot of folks think bat's scary. When American Samoa is on your shortlist, we suggest a minimum of four nights. Besides the Tutuila National Park, which we have presented here, there are entities on two of the outer isles. When you want to see T'au and Ofu, call the National Park Bureau.

It is characterised by little developed, outstanding aquatic sport and Samoan civilization. The National Park of American Samoa is recommended to everyone. It is our belief that the park and the American Samoa will enchant you. In the national park system there is no comparable place.

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