South Island Cruises nz

Cruises South Island nz

The Whale Watch is located in the small coastal town Kaik?ura on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, two and a half hours by car north of the South Island Day and Overnight Cruises Directory, New Zealand. A revealing journey to some of the'forgotten islands' of the South Pacific. Experience the untouched beauty of the waterfalls and fjords of the South Island.

You are invited to spend a full day in the wild and enjoy unspoilt New Zealand at its best.

You are invited to spend a full day in the wild and enjoy unspoilt New Zealand at its best. Admire the precipitous mountains that surround the depths of the water. See unbelievable landscapes, wild animals, invertebrates and cascades from the comforts of the southern mystery. Accommodation cruises aboard Southern Secret, run by Fiordland Cruises.

On board the ship you will find angling, observation of mammals and stargazing on clear nights. You will see penetrating mountains, steep dales, streams that turn into cascades and old glacial fjords. Booking today as the cabin capacity is restricted to 5 and the cruises fill up quickly! Booking now, as the number of staterooms is restricted to only 5 per person per day, we suggest that you make your booking early to ensure your trip is safe and avoiding disillusion.

Just use the schedule to choose your desired departure date for your trip or to verify your desired itinerary.

2018 & 2019 New Zealand Cruises by P&O Cruises

and P&O Cruises. Have a look at our P&O Cruises brochure directly in your webrowser starting at 3.599 Euro per pers. New Zealand is a haven for adventurers, from the 144 Bay of Island Isles in the south to the glacier seas and canals.

Also New Zealand has a captivating and vibrant Maori civilization with various strains that still inhabit parts of the North Island. The smallest of the dolphins in the worid. New Zealand was the first land where mothers were allowed to choose in 1893. A third of the land is under nature conservation.

Auckland, the country's biggest town, is home to around a third of the local people and is known for its vibrant bars and restaurants and some of the best coffees in the South. Far from the big towns it quickly becomes clear why a New Zealand trip is a favourite option for so many.

Pristine hills, made popular by the films of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" triology, are spread all over the land, the Marlborough and Napier vineyards produce some spicy white wines and abundant red wines, and one can hardly move for fine architectural beauty in the enchanting South Island town of Dunedin.

Admire the pristine beauties of'Garden City' Christchurch and you have a truly stunning city. Fjordland National Park is the reason why many tourists go on a New Zealand trip. Here you will find the famed Milford Sound, Dusky Sound and Doubtful Sound fiord. Driving through them, with all their wildness and calmness, is a deep and unsurpassable one.

Rotorua, on the North Island, is proof of how vibrant the country is, with literally a few hundred geothermic characteristics such as sparkling puddles of water, sparkling geysirs and steamy baths spread over just a few tens of sqkm. Also New Zealand is a breeding ground for seismic events with about 20,000 seismic events per year.

New Zealand has some lovely New Zealand parks that show a large selection of crops grown in moderate climates. The length of the land allows everything from subtropical to subalpine. New Zealand has a lot to see, from olives to botanical garden and bushwalk.

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