Catalina Islands Costa Rica

Costa Rica Catalina Islands

Catalina Islands are some of the best dive sites in Costa Rica. Several dive sites exist around these islands, which stand out from the Pacific Ocean in the province of Guanacaste of Costa Rica. Divers from all over the world come to Costa Rica to dive on the Catalina Islands. Catalina Islands aka "the Cats" are undoubtedly one of the most sought after dive sites in Costa Rica. One of the best dive sites in Costa Rica.

Diving Catalina Islands Costa Rica | Diving the Catalinas in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Catalina Islands are some of the best diving locations in Costa Rica. You will find several diving locations around these islands, which stand out from the Pacific Ocean in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. These islands are situated some way off the coast and are home to the Pacific giant manta rays.

The Catalina Islands are not to be skipped if you are going to Costa Rica for the purpose of snorkelling. There is no better base than ours with the distances you have to cover to get to the Catalinas. With two 250 hp Yamaha 4-stroke motors, you can get to the islands and back in about half the times of any other diver in the Coco Beach or Playa Ocotal area of Costa Rica.

We also have a year-round store on the Catalina Islands, which means there is no downtime. When you are an avid diver, you must make sure you live in these places in excess of our own divesites. Catalina is an island range of cliffs 2-15 leagues off the north west Costa Rica coastline.

These islands are totally deserted, and their position, current and formations make them ideal places for large numbers of sea creatures. In the Catalinas, it is similar to other areas of the Guanacaste in Costa Rica. People will find that diving circumstances often and without forewarning.

Current also varies with the site, tide, season and wind. Occasionally there are heavy current, but our seasoned group of instructors who have been scuba divers on the Catalina Islands for years can usually schedule to minimise the impact of these current on your scuba work.

Whilst it is simple to find a diving store that dives the Catalinas, we are convinced that we are offering our clients the best possible diving experiences. Our divers are highly skilled divers who sail the water and draw your attention to all kinds of sea creatures. To know the diving spots and to know which ones will be the best on a certain date is something that has to do with adventure.

Furthermore, our yacht is the best in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica. It' a specially designed diving ship that will take you there and back quickly and securely. You will find an astonishing sea environment on your journey to the Catalinas. Of course there are the Pacific Giant Manta Rays, which can be found at several diving Spots.

This area is also known for the schooling of manta ray, speckled stingray, bull eye ray, common stingray, bull seye ray, stingray, and various other types of stingray. Not far from the famed Playa Grande, it is not unusual to see several kinds of tortoises on the islands.

Fewer widespread but possible, there are sometimes cetaceans, tigers, humpbacks, and in some cases even killers have been seen in these areas. You will be surprised by the devils jets during your breaks in the water around the Catalina Islands.

They are believed to use this technique to remove protozoa from their skins. Catalina Islands is one of the most scenic sites in Costa Rica. The Rocket Frog Diver is one of the most popular scuba dives in the Catalinas. Have a look at our excursions to the bat islands.

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