How Close is new Zealand to Antarctica

What is New Zealand's proximity to Antarctica?

Antarctic - Nation and Power - Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand South America and New Zealand are the biggest landmasses near Antarctica. From Shackleton and Scott's'heroic age' to the American venture called' ³cDeep Freeze³d, which began in the 1950', New Zealand was a stopover for Antarctica explorers. The New Zealand Scott Base, a research base, is located in the Ross Dependency, which is part of New Zealand but managed under the ANTARCT.

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Giant Antarctic ice mountain on the brink of demolition

Larson C's long crack in the Larson C sheet abruptly increased in December, and only 20 kilometres of snow remain to keep the 5,000 square kilometre section from swimming. The Larsen C is the northernmost large Antarctic icefield. Icebergs will be the equivalent sized of the Auckland area, but the NZ Antarctic Research Institute Executive Gary Wilson said that this is a fairly common procedure for icebreakers when they come into sufficient interactions with avalanches.

Said the question would be whether it would bring hotter waters under the Icecap and whether it would allow the storms to dissolve further behind. The Larsen C is about 350 meters thick and swims on the oceans at the border of the Western Antarctic, retaining the stream of creciers that penetrate it.

In the past year, Midas project investigators in the UK report that the Larsen C cleft was rapidly increasing. It is said that the crack has been there for years, but it has made its way at this point. Global warming is thought to have advanced the probable segregation of the berg, but academics say they have no straightforward clues.

" Since it swims on the ocean, the resulting berg from the shelves will not lift the ocean level.

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