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French Polynesia Bora Bora Bora Bora

Pacifica holidays inc? - The Tahitian Forum Pacifica holidays inc? Did anyone use Pacific Holidays to make a reservation? I am looking for an 8 days 7 days tahitian tahiti flitter (1 Tahitian overnight, 3 Moorea overnight, 3 Bora Bora nights) and you seem to be the only one with this one.

Pacifica holidays inc? They should really be able to reserve a 1 Tahiti overnight, 3 Moorea overnights, 3 Bora overnights from almost any Tahiti making agenta. Pacifica holidays inc? Pacifica holidays inc? Pacifica holidays inc? I' d hoped to live in the Intercontinental on Moorea (garden room) and Intercontinental Thalasso on Bora Bora (overwater villa).

Poker Holidays quoted $3,239pp for this pack. Cited by Tahiti Legends for the same pack of $4,540pp, except just the two isl. Included in Tahiti Legends are a few extra services such as snorkelling, 8 hour and more. Pacifica holidays inc? Ensure that the quotations are comparing the apple to the apple. Pacifica holidays inc?

Hello CA_longhorn, Yes, we used their service for our honeymoon back in the 2008/2009 season, but we decided to be in Moore. They are located in NY and they make quite a few Tahitian/Fiji/other Asian parcels (have catalogues for each destination). Pacifica holidays inc? Yeah, I hear about Pacifica Holidays.

Pacifica holidays inc? Pacifica holidays inc?

Travel company Pacific Holidays

Since 1993 Pacific Holidays has been a major American tourist company for trips to Asia, the South Pacific and Latin America. Take an eight-hour ride from Los Angeles to Tahiti on the award-winning Air Tahiti Nui and then relax for a full evening at Intercontinental Tahiti. The next morning you can take a scenic and luxury yacht charter to Raiatea.

Sail for three whole day in the fifty colours of aqua blues with all food onboard. Proceed your adventures in a surface vaulted cottage in Bora. Including buffet breakfasts in Tahiti and Bora. Fly an eight-hour Los Angeles trip to the magic Moorea for five overnight stays. The next thing to do is stay two night in the enchanting Maitai Huahine, which lies in a lilac plant.

Go on an insular trip and explore this luxuriant isle and the Polynesian past. And last but not least, you will stay three overnight above water in the private Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora. Snorkel, dive, hire a Jetski or ATV or just sit back and savour fifty blues from your above-water shed.

Have a night from Los Angeles and a brief trip to the fjord of Fakarava, a dive paradise. Enjoy six evenings at the Havaiki Lodge, including continuous breakfasts and three-course dinners. Expand your room to a seaside cottage for $300 more per night for the whole time.

Have a night from Los Angeles and a brief trip to the gorgeous Rangiroa Toll. Stay eight days in this heaven of peace. Upgrading to a $2,999 per capita saloon cottage. You can take a daily and stop for a full days in Tahiti at the Intercontinental or take a night trip and drive directly to Intercontinental Moorea.

Then, you' ll go to Bora Bora and stay three days in a seaside cottage or for about $300 more per night per night, seasonally, upgrade to above-water shelters. From there, take an eight-hour night trip and get to Tahiti the next day. Following a brief stopover, you will be flying non-stop to Bora Bora.

Stay six-night in a luxury Emerald Overwater Villa with breakfastbuffet and three-course supper every day. You can take an eight-hour night trip to Tahiti and a brief trip to neighbouring Moorea. Stay five-night at the luxury Intercontinental Moorea. Go on an islet trip or to the Tiki village with Polish show and supper.

Afterwards, you' ll stay four night on the luxuriant Huahine in a large Maitai chalet on the Maitai, around a sea of roses that looks better than a Monet canvas. Stay four-night in Bora Bora and take a Jetski over fifty blues.

Take a plane to Raiatea and stay two days in an private chalet. At the Tahiti Nui Hotel last evening. Take an over-night flight from Los Angeles and combine with a brief trip to Moorea. Stay three evenings at the Intercontinental Moorea and see the sharks playing or let the children explore the wildlife in the children's area.

The next thing you do is take a brief fly to Bora Bora and stay five days in a large outdoor swimming pool mansion. Upgraded to an above-water cottage for $550 per person. for Charming Moorea. Stay three evenings in an outdoor room in Manava Moorea.

Continue to Bora Bora Bora Bora and enjoy five overnights at Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort in a large outdoor retreat with en-suite diving area. Or extend your visit to an above-water retreat. From Los Angeles to Tahiti, take an eight-hour night trip and a brief trip by boat to heart-shaped Moorea Isle.

Stay five-night at the Manava Moorea Beach Resort and Spa in a private area. Returns to Moorea with a night flying.

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