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The Octopus Resort has a fantastic reputation: a Fijian Resort with a modern Funky-Twist! At the Octopus Resort on Waya Island you will feel'under the sea'! Octopus Resort, A three-star hotel in Waya Island, Fiji. All in all, Octopus Resort is preferred by most professionals compared to The Warwick Fiji. Scale Waya Island from Octopus Resort.

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The Octopus resorts will always have a place in our heart and we will definitely come back. It has a perfectly west-facing floor plan, wonderful S....Unsets and a great beachside pub from where you can relax and unwind. All snorkelling equipment is provided and the dive equipment is onboard.

I' m not sure if you can eat better in this archipelago just because the place has its own boats that bring new products and visitors to the place every day. They can say that much enthusiasm and affection has gone into the cooking of the meals and the services are to correspond.

It is the local population, their attitudes and real care for their visitors that makes this place so special. It doesn't make you think like another number and they appreciate the help of their visitors, which really makes a big impact on the hilltop community where many employees work.

We' ve just come back from Octopus Resort and are already missing the locals, the meals and the caterers. All in all, a paradise. Snorkeling, scuba-dive, catering and accommodation are excellent. A tranquil place where you can choose your own speed, with unique individuals who take care of your needs everywhere.

Retrospect Octopus Research Center, Waya Island, Fiji

For the nice Octopus team who made my vacation so special: Thank you! The Octopus Village would not be the same if it were not for its nice, committed, warm and supportive team. Unfortunately I only spent 4 days in Octopus because I wanted to stay at her affiliated Blue Lagoon as well.

While I was living at Octopus, I found that the place drew a lot of nice folks to see, so don't fret when you're traveling alone. Octopus has an astonishing price-performance ratio and if you go to other places, be warned: it's all going south!

I' d certainly also do the walk around the town ( "beautiful and inspirational place") and help the nice folk in the town ( "most of them work in the resort") and their family with a contribution to help them with their work. However, I can't say enough good things about Octopus and I' m hoping to be back soon!

Hopefully you will be happy that I could use it on Octopus;)

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