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Costa Rica Caldera

Puerto Caldera is one of the most important port cities in Costa Rica and is often the starting point for cruises and industrial ships. Puerto Caldera Costa Rica Port of Call Cruise Terminal Sightseeing Tours Transportation Shopping. Costa Rica business opportunities, photos and videos, contact information. So much more than just a harbour, Puerto Caldera is a great surf spot and has many unique attractions to see on holiday. Caldera Port Information (Costa Rica): Port location, port characteristics, water depth, port services, restrictions etc.

Costa Rica, Puerto Caldera - City Guide

Puerto Caldera is a great starting point for travellers who want to explore the rich fauna for which Costa Rica is famous or the cityscape. Caldera is the ideal place for travellers who love off-paths and outings. While Puerto Caldera has few conveniences and travelers' services, there are souvenir stores selling jewellery, woodwork, coffees and more.

Puntarenas is only a few minutes away by car if you want a big metropolitan area. The long coastline is home to breathtaking sandy shores, a wide range of game, and roads with dining, bar and café facilities. In Puntarenas you will find a multitude of routes and rides, such as Zip-Lining, angling, and more.

The Carara National Park is a natural reservation between the arid woods in the northern part and the luxuriant rainforest in the southern part. Carara's dense, luxuriant woodland consists of both family as well as secundary species, making it the ideal place for a wide range of game. If you want to celebrate with the natives and savour the waves, you should go to Jaco, which is about 35 kilometres southwards of Puerto Caldera.

Puerto Caldera is one of the most picturesque places in Costa Rica with an exceptional year-round weather in the high 1970s and 1980s. Puerto Caldera is relatively easy to get to due to its favourable position. Approximately 1 hour westwards of San Jose or 81 kilometres away, Puerto Caldera can be reached by car from the Aiport.

The Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera) cruise terminal: Ferry Harbour of Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera)

The Puntarenas is a vibrant place where both Josephinos (inhabitants of the mainland San Jose) and foreigners spend their holidays. A number of routes will use Puerto Caldera because it is sheltered from the wind, but both harbours provide easy acces to the same sights and waterfront itineraries. Whether you are coming for a visit for a day or a few days before a trip, you don't necessarily have to exchange currency; sellers and cabbies will gladly pay US dollar.

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