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Two-hundred kilometres north of Karratha, Port Hedland is known for its vast extractive industry, long trains, large ships and salt piles. Port-Hedland is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is the world's largest export port, with iron ore accounting for the bulk of exports. Port Hedland Visitor Centre is located in the heart of Port Hedland's historic West End on Wedge Street. Landing Port Hedland is located opposite Port Hedland International Airport and has a fitness centre, barbecue facilities and free WiFi.

Northwest of Australia | Port Hedland

Two-hundred kilometers upstate from Karratha, Port Hedland is known for its vast extractive industries, long train runs, large vessels and stacks of salts. Port-Hedland is the gate and the main junction between the Pilbara and the Kimberley. Coming from the southern side, you can reach Port Hedland via the Great Northern Highway or the West Coastal Highway (via the coast).

Broome is 611 kilometers over the Great Northern Highway to the Noth. The Pardoo and Sandfire Roadhouses, situated on the Great Northern Highway just off Port Hedland, are a welcome stop on the journey between Port Hedland and Broome. Both Qantas and Virgin Australia fly directly from Perth to Port Hedland every day.

There is a once a week one-way service between Brisbane and Port Hedland. It has its origins in navigation and coal mines, and the visitor has a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the world's major coal producer and the world's major ports' large vessels.

Take the award-winning Cultural and Heritage Trail and discover the tribal and continental histories of Port Hedland. Discover the intertidal streams of Pretty Pool and Six Mile Creek.

Port Hedland - Inn

Port Hedlandis is situated in the Pilbara region of WA and is a vibrant city - one of Australia's biggest harbours and the centre of the WA steel mining world. Have a tasty buffet in our'Pilbara Room', relaxing by the poolside, play area and barbecue to indulge in informal dining, or just explore the attractions of Port Hedland and the area.

Have a relaxing aperitif in our fully licenced La Carte Restaurante, the'Pilbara Room', after the adventures of your days. At the Hospitality Inn Port Hedland your hosts and the hospitality Inn Port Hedland are always ready to help you on your way with all the information about itineraries, available amenities and any question you may have to make your visit to us comfortable.

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