A first-class Saransk hotel when you book with Starwood at Four Points by Sheraton Saransk. It' one of our top picks in Saransk. Sáaransk is a city in Central European Russia and the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. Zaransk (Russian ??

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Sovetskaya piazza, the town' s central plaza, houses several historical structures and memorials of Saransk' s ancestors. Near the place there are the Cathedral of St. Feodor Ushakov, the sculpture collections "Family", the Puskin Park of Recreation and Civilization, the Saransk Founder's Commemorative Signs, the National State Theatre of Mordovia and other Sightseeings.

Its name has undergone several changes since the seventeenth cen. Current name of the squares are: The Sovetskaya Place is a favourite place for recreational and roller-skating for the whole hosts and also serves as a boardwalk for the people.

Guidebook for fans in Saransk

We have all heared of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, but what about Saransk - is that a name you know? Zaransk is the republic's republic of Mordovia's capitol. It is located in the Volga River valley at the junction of Saranka and Insar, about 390 nautical leagues eastward of Moscow.

Today it is one of the most attractive Russian towns and world-famous for its athletic performances, as it is home to many Olympia and Weltmeister. Pushkin Park is a great place to unwind and observe the outside worlds, while there is no lack of monuments, chapels, cathedrals as well as musees.

As it is a rather small town, there is only one type of means of transportation - the coach. Not as many Saransk as the other 2018 World Cup venues (the number of inhabitants is only about 300,000), and none in the immediate vicinity of the Mordovia Arena, but there are several rental apartments to rent.

The Saransk Hotel and the Meridian are in the center, both within a few minutes walk of the arena. There are also apartments, guesthouses and a number of other possibilities for travellers, which we believe includes a tented town! However, for Saransk, more than for any other hosting town, you need competent and welcoming counselling, where you can spend the night and find the best offers.

Murdovia ArenArena is part of a large new building directly across the river Insar river from Saransk town center. Also known as Saransk Stadium, the new home of Mordovia Saransk will be after the 2018 World Cup. It has a total seating for 45,000, which will be cut to 28,000 after the World Cup due to the elimination of the Oberliga.

The Mordovia Arena will play four first-round group games during the World Cup. Situated on the east side of Saransk, less than one kilometer (10 minutes walk) from the Sovetskaya Square. Saransk Central Train is a little further northern, but still a little more than 2km.

There are not many ways to dine and dine in the arena at the present time, but with the town center close by, that's no issue. Whilst most of Saransk is only a few minutes' walk from the arena, you can take the 44 if you are in a rush, although the journey from the train stop is quite cumbersome.

As an alternative, there are several collective taxi services along Volgogradskaya Street next to the arena. In Saransk and its surroundings there are more than 40 villages and monasteries telling the story of Mordva. Begin at the Ioanno-Bogoslovsky (John the Evangelist) temple on Demokraticheskaya Ulitsa.

St. John the Evangelist's is one of the few architectonic symbols of the Mordvinese capitol, dating back to the 17th c... When you leave the cathedral, head towards Kommunisticheskaya Ulitsa and take a ten-minute hike to the Murderovian Erzia Museie of Visual Arts. When you leave the Ushakov Cathedral, go another 500 meters through the plaza towards Sovetskaya Ulitsa to find the impressive cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov.

Beside the church is the Alexander Nevsky Chapel with its eight-sided cupola, erected in 2000 in commemoration of the inhabitants of Mordovia who were killed in various kinds of catastrophes and war. We then descend to Krasnoarmeyskaya Ulitsa to find the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - actually two separated cathedrals from the years 1734 and 1802.

It is possible to run through the garden, past a small city animal farm to get out on Moskovskaya Uliza. Take a right turn and continue a little further until you arrive at the Mordovia Museum of Local History, the oldest of which dates back to the Mesolithic. Then go down Moskovskaya Uliza towards Sovetskaya Uliza, back through Pushkin Parc.

Saransk's first cinematic theater was built in 2007 on a site previously squatted by a two-story pre-revolutionary structure in which the Republic's main cinema was located. Also in Saransk there are many impressing places. The Soviet (Sovetskaya) place is the historical center of Saransk. During the 1960s -1970s, the course was fundamentally overhauled.

Historical houses were taken away, the place extended and office blocks added. Today the place houses the Mordvinese government and the House of the Republic - a memorial structure that is the seat of the leader of Mordvinia. There is also the Victory Plaza, which is also part of the historical center of the town, with its center - the memorial to the Mordvinien troops who died in the Second World War.

Tysyacheletia (Millennium Square), which was only opened in 2012 and is devoted to the reunification of Mordovia with the people of the state. Dominating this new area is the Zvezda Mordovii well ( "Star of Mordovia"), 60 meters in circumference with lighth. Zaransk may not have the largest selection of restaurants and drinks in the 2018 World Cup venues, but you will have no problem choosing a city.

There are many ways to watch the contest with a glass of one or two beers - whether it' s going to be good eating, listening to good news, getting together with other footballers or just observing the game. Like always, there are some useful suggestions on the Russia 2018 website. They are not only a great way to join your squad and see friends from all over the globe - they also mean that you can really experience the unparalleled cultural and welcoming welcome offered in each of the hosting towns and take home some astonishing reminiscences of Russia 2018.

At Saransk, towards Sovetskaya Square, right in the center of the town. Featuring space for 25,000 supporters, it's a great way to experience all the Russian 2018 thrill.

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