Best Time of year to Visit Fiji

The best time of year for a visit to Fiji

Fiji is best visited from May to October (it is not the cyclone and the rainy season). It' our favorite time to go out to the lake. The month of the year, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec With very few exceptions there is always a good time to visit Fiji at any time of year. Fiji is best visited between the end of March and the beginning of December. The best time, month and season to visit Suva, when to go to Suva, Fiji.

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When I say that, I've been to Fiji in summer and spring (and in 2 week's time we'll be there for the winter) and it seems as long as you're not out of luck and having a heavy wind, any time of year can be woundwarm. New Zealand is attractive in every time of the year, but if you are not interested in snow sport, I would prefer to stay away from mid-May to mid-October.

It is avalanche time in Milford until the beginning of November. It is often the most windy time of year where I reside and as such it is my least popular. On the other hand, it can be a photographer's paradise with luxuriant green, new blooms (e.g. in Central Otago, lupines in Tekapo etc.) and the mountain is still very snowy.

From february to middle of march the boarding schools are back and the weather is still long and wonderful warmer. It' our favorite time to go out to the marsh. April is probably my favorite time. This also seems like a pretty bustling year of festivals in my part of the globe and I like things like the Arrowtown Autumn and Warbirds over Wanaka.

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What is the best time to visit? The employees ofTipAdvisor deleted this article at the wish of the sender. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause. What is the best time to visit? I and my missus think that the best time of the year for us to go to Fiji is May.

No more cyclones, the waters are still warmer from the summers, the trade winds have not yet begun and it is simply a beautiful time of year. What is the best time to visit? From November to April is the wet time. It will be wet and dry in summers. As it is low seasons, resorts have lower rates then.

Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands are located in the dryer regions and receive less rains than the major Viti Levu islands, and resort areas in the north. Christmas/New Year, June/July and September/October are reserved for many Australian/New Zealand schools. What is the best time to visit?

Most of the time we are travelling, we also go to Christmas/New Year, it is warm and wet, but we remain on a small isle, which gets every wind going. It' the motherland, warmer and marshier than the isles.

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