Kapiti Coast Walks

The Kapiti Coast Walks

Kapiti Coast Hiking Trails: Kapiti Adventure offers mountain bike rental and tours on the Kapiti coast. The Queen Elizabeth Park is the last natural dune area on the Kapiti coast, which stretches between Raumati in the north and Paekakariki in the south. It has several walks and trails, and contains species of protected native bird species. North Island, Wairapa.

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Paekakariki Escarpment Tracks are now open. From Paekakariki stop to Pukerua Bay stop. You will find parkings at both of them. In Paekakariki you do not use Ames Street and there is a 2-hour limited period for parkings in Paekakariki Village itself. Leave your vehicle at one stop, go to the other stop and take a return journey to your vehicle.

At Paekakariki train station, follow the pedestrian promenade to the promenade, then take the pedestrian path next to SH1 to the overpass, cross the steps under the viaduct and you are on the right path. There is a Kuhekohe loops trail along the dirt roads up the mountain.

First section is relatively level and follows the railroad line. It has a good dirt road and good woodwork. There is a rather precipitous 200 meter long ascent with many stairs before the path goes along the crest. There' s a viewpoint, then the route begins with further stairs (both up and down), and there are two revolving decks (max. 5 people) on the way to Muri sta.

It has a few small stretches of cold shrub along the trail and an outstanding view of the bay of Pukerua. Go along the enclosed Muri Railway Terminal and through Muri Park onto Sea Vista Drive, which leads through the path to Pukerua Bay Railway Terminal. Signposts indicate 3 - 4 hrs for a one-way ride, but most fitters will finish the hike in about 2h.

The distance from rail to rail is about 10 km, and on the way there there are kilometres of icebox. Closest comfortable car park is at Paekakariki stop at the end of Paekakariki or Pukerua stop at the end of Pukerua Bay. Go along the route and then take a return to your point of departure.

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