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If you travel to Oahu, there are five different regions to explore. Are you going to Oahu? Up to 10 ways to make your journey more genuine

Hawaii. Lovely, cosy, warm, lovely Hawaii. This is an insular heaven in the Pacific Ocean. It' quite cute, I must say, but there's a lot more on the islands than Waikiki and Disney's Aulani. Here is an inside scout book on Oahu and his covert jewels. The number one rule: There are no flip-flops in Hawaii.

Instead we use the language of the islands, which means as much as house sneakers. No, not those feetu bed things you are wearing, but the boots you are wearing. If you visit Hawaii, you will find that Hawaii is a stupid, strange place. To watch the sun set, take a seat on one of the boat starting from the sea.

We live on the isle and have spent many nights in the city centre. Do you want to see the volcano from a bird's perspective? Get on board one of the many Blue Hawaiian helipads flying over the Isle. Usually the trips lead you through the luxuriant Hawaiian valley, over the skyscrapers and over the falls.

You' ll be flying around the whole archipelago, giving you a new view of places like Pearl Harbor and Waikiki. I' ve just received my dive certificate; it's as if a gateway to another planet has been opened to me. I' m certificated at Aaron's Dive Shop in Kailua. Three-nine hundred and seventy-seven Hahani Street Kailua, HI 96734.

My favourite place to go diving is Hawaii Kai, on the south side of the isle. Back in Hawaii Kai, Hanauma Bay is a great place to observe fishing. I like snorkelling on Lanikai Beach, on the upwind. In order to reach Lanikai, make your way to Kailua and continue on the street to the end.

The Lanikai is a one-way lane; just take the lane to the parking lot, turn to your right and leave your car anywhere on the drive. There is a shore entrance that takes you to the lovely beaches. The Hawaii Sea is a sea dweller's game area. You can often find a dolphin on the lee side of the isle.

You should know two things about this site: 1) the lee side of Oahu is a very local area, and most are not on the wealthier side. They' re not gonna slay you, but they could scream in your face. Instead, go past the harbour and parking on a sandy shore.

The Hawaiians live in the sea. At Waikiki you can sense what it's like to sail in a six-man boom-cano. Go upwind from Oahu to Kailua and learn kitesurfing on the spot where the game was created! Hawaii Kai, Koko Kopf Marina, offers a wide range of aquatic sports/games: boat trips, sea-going skis, diving, tubing and para-sailing!

Humpback cetaceans hike from Alaska to the island in order to rearing their cattle. Saving a few dollars, riding along the southern bank of Oahu along the Kalanianaole Highway is the best viewpoint. It has many prints for images, and is just a nice ride in general.

There is a wide range of hiking routes in Oahu, from family-friendly to extrem. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and breathtaking panoramic view of Lanikai and the Mokulau Islands, Kailua Bay, the neighbouring hills and even far from Kaneohe. In order to get there, go to Kailua and take Kalaheo Avenue. Continue on Lanikai and turn right onto Kaelepulu Drives.

You can park anywhere and turn off to the lefthand side just outside the village-center. There''s no shortage of hiking paths on the isle. You want to see the classical one? Every time I tell Haleiwa to the mainland people, they get a glimpse into their dreams and try to think what the icons of the surfing city could be like.

It' definitely what most Hawaiians could be expecting. It' a small, dozy little seaside resort. Between Kailua and Haleiwa is every lesson, plus some. Best season for the trips is in summers; the Hawaiian winters mean big swells for the islands, like in 50 plus footwaves.

It' when we're doing the big surfing contests that are so much enjoy. Then after a fast and tasty breakfasts we return to the street and continue along the Kamehameha Highway, which winds down the water. First stop you want to reach is what we call Turtle Beach.

It is really Laniakea Strand; there are no true attractions from Haleiwa. This should be the second or third shore you come across. Park and drive across the road to the shore. Hike to the other end of the shore, on the southern side, where the tortoises love to romp.

Kailua! Oahu is Oahu`s new best-kept mystery and happens to be my home town. Situated on the upwind side of the isle, it is only about 30 min from the busy Honolulu area. The Kailua Beach and its neighbour Lanikai Beach have been named as the most attractive beach in the whole wide range of tourist sites and journals.

Embedded between the lofty rising Koolaus and the glittering, hot water sea, Kailua is just beginning to be spotted by the mainland. Some of my favourites are Kalapawai Deli, Lanikai Juice, Bob's Pizza, Baci Bistrio and Yoghurt Mama. Seriously, not going to these places would be like a felony.

You have the best pans in the whole wide open, no joke. The Kailua is quite small, so everything is accessible. Kailua is about 15 to 20 minutes walking distance from the sea. Canoeing to the Mokes is one of my favourite activities at home. Mokulua Island is two islets about a kilometer from the water.

We have many excursions to the island every day. A huge wall of reefs is like a barricade between the island and the sea. I' ve circumnavigated the planet and seen and done some astonishing things. There is something about Kailua that makes it the best place in the whole wide underworld.

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