Lanai Molokai Ferry

Ferry Lanai Molokai

A ferry runs daily from the port of Lahaina to Lanai. Explorer's Guide Maui: Including Molokai & Lanai: One big goal - Carol Fowler Explorer's Great Destinations brings the tour book back into the tourbook. Famous for its beautiful sandy beach and friendly families, Maui's stunning scenery and variety of species make it a great place for first-time-timers. They' re full of up-to-date information to help them make the best escape plans. This is a useful instrument before, during and after your trip:

Ship Maui to Molokai Adventure Ferry

Take the Moloka'i boat to discover the islands of Hwaii! From Maui to Molokai by boat for a scenic trip to Maui! For a whole days on one of the tropic paths that lead to Kalaupapa National Park or simply relax and admire the wonderful sandy beach! From Maui to Molokai by boat and spent the whole days to discover this stunning archipelago exactly as you wish!

Discover the exotic paths of Kalaupapa National Park or take in Molokai's quiet, unspoilt whitewashed sand beach and spectacular vistas of the valleys. known as Hawaii's friendliest of islands, and you'll soon see why if you take a walk deeply into the Hawaiian isle.

Getaway Lanai For A Weekend Goal

Whilst there are many great things about the visit to Maui, the possibility of taking the ferries to the neighbouring isles makes Maui a truly unforgettable one. The Maui County is responsible for two other technical matters, Lanai and Molokai. Lanai is the more visitor-friendly of the two and offers a great excursion or 2-3 days in Maui.

Lanai's splendour and charms have not escaped the wealthy and notorious. Following a number of missions from Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle and the fifth richest American (according to Forbes), he chose to buy the whole country in 2012. Under a $300 million contract, Ellison bought him 98% of the land (about 90,000 acres), a dozy 3000+ people city, and not just one, but two world-class 4 seasons resort.

Also lovingly known as Pinapple Isle because its plantations were once the biggest pinapple orchard in the whole wide globe. Today, the archipelago has gone from its plantations and turned into a drowsy city focused on tourists, small companies and employment in the district or state.

Like already stated, the boat to Lanai is leaving the port of Lahaina and is only a fast 2-hour drive across the canal to Manele Bay. One return flight is only $60 and they have even added 2 additional hours to make travel between Lanai and Maui even simpler. Journey by boat is quite straightforward and trouble-free, it is not as difficult as loading the Moloka'i canal on the Molokai-boat.

Accommodation on Lanai is lean, the only two accommodation facilities to offer. Your first choise is the Four Seasons at Manele Bay, located on the island's shore with views of Manele Bay, famous for its sporadic spotting of dolphins. Alternatively, Four Seasons Lodge in Koele, higher up in Lanai City, hidden on the sands.

For me the lodge is more enjoyable because it is higher up in Lanai and gives a woody feeling of shelter. Since Lanai is less advanced than some of the other islands, I suggest to spend only a few short time on Lanai. Koele is located at 2,000 feet in the Lanai highland, winding through rolling countryside, over gorges and leading golfer through gorgeous canyons.

Situated on the south coast of Lanai, Manele Golf Course is a destination golf course stretching over several hundred hectares of unspoilt streams of water, where gorges, ciawe and high altitude vegetation are used as a source of maneuver. The Lanai has much unspoilt country to discover, it has 400 nautical mile unpaved four-wheel driven highways.

Begin your adventures on the lonely street just behind Manele and the Keomoku Highway. There' s also the Munro Trail unpaved highway, a trail to the 3,370 foot high summit of Lanai Hale (the highest point on the Lanai). South of Lanai is an off-road adventurous journey to historical Kaunolu, home of King Kamehameha's favourite summers fishery recreation with views of the Lanai's south cliff.

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