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Located on half a mile of beach in Likuliku Bay, this resort has a swimming pool and a luxurious day spa. Yasawa Group consists of six main islands and numerous smaller islands and is located in one of the most important island regions of Fiji. Catering for Narara Resorts & Hotels with Spas: In Jamnagar, Narara Island or Marine National Park is a must in the morning. The Narara Reef is located next to the village of Vadinar, which is surrounded by oil terminals and piers.

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Situated 50 km northwest of Nadi Town, Narara Island is the south part of the Yasawa Islands. The town of Narara is situated in one of the most important island regions of Fiji. The group' s nearby island resort areas are Navutu Stars Resort, Nanuya Island Resort, Turtle Island and Yasawa Lodge. With an area of approximately 49.77 ha, Narara Island has outstanding natural features, with three very privately-owned sanded, unspoilt natural beauty spots.

You can also take a boat or floatplane to the island. The Narara is spectacularly isolated and best suitable for medium to high-end resort and accommodation developments. The Pacific Island Partnership has launched the concept of a designer retail property that blends into the Fiji countryside and takes full benefit of the stunning view on the west side of the island.

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Moon Handbooks Fiji has everything you need to visit one of the 322 Fiji-Archipels. The guide contains lively description of the shimmering sandy beach, rainforest and island cliffs, with a particular emphasis on snorkelling, surf, windsurf, canoeing, trekking, cycling and gulf.

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The Narara Reef is situated next to the Vadinar town, which is encircled by petroleum terminal and moorings. Entering the dirt roads leading to the Naval National Park, flamingo and pelican shoals in the old saltpan area attract everyone. It is an inter-tidal area, rich in a variety of species such as seagrass, octopuses, pufferfish, stingrays, starfish, cucumbers, coral, anemone, crab, etc. The island's natural environment is rich in wildlife.

It also has stunning views of tidal fish nourished by bird life. As this is a protected area, it is not permitted for visitors to collect things such as mussels, rocks, dead corals, etc. and not to capture or disrupt sea animals, as they are already under pressure. The Jamnagar is 92 km from Rajkot.

Public transportation busses and luxurious privately owned busses connect the city of Yamnagar from various centers in Gujarat. When you come by Rajkot coach, the coach goes right through the city before you reach the coach terminal, so you can get off at Bedi Gate. There' s an international airfield 10 km from the city of Yamnagar, so it's a relatively cheap trip by rib or taxidire.

Jamnagar is connected to Mumbai by several national carriers.

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