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Franco Polynesia Houses

Shop in distinctive French Polynesia properties, real estate and apartments for sale. Exchanging: N?nu'e, French Polynesia Don't be worried about the cost of your accomodation, because we promise that you will find a house or flat for your next holiday. Our comprehensive home sharing service allows you to exchange your home with friends from all over the globe during your holiday! As soon as your enrolment is completed, you will have full acces to our catalogue of houses and flats in the most attractive places in the canal!

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Franco Polynesia Houses for sale

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Punaauia Punavai House by Tahiti Homes, French Polynesia - Best Prices Guarantee

The Punavai Haus offers a breathtaking view of the sea and mountains embedded in green. The Punavai Homes is 10 minutes by car from the sea, as well as a choice of dining options. Inside the building there is a fully fitted fully fitted canteen. So when are you going to think about living at Punavai at Tahiti Homes?

At Punavai House by Tahiti Homes?, how do I make a bookings is simple and safe and guarantees the best prices. Then, choose the number of rooms you would like to reserve and click on the "Book now" tab. You will then see a confirmation request page asking you to enter your information to validate your request.

For arrivals after 5 p.m., please refer to the object using the address given on the reservation confirm. There is a fee of 85 Euro for arrivals outside opening times from 3 pm to 5 pm. We reserve the right to authorize your payment card before you travel.

You will never be charged to your debit or debit cards at the time of booking - you will have to make the payment for your accommodation. Reservations are free of cost, without administrative costs. Cancellations are also free of cost, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

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