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Iceland Viti Levu travel guide

The Viti Levu is the heart of the Republic of Fiji, often referred to as'the mainland'. Most first-time travellers to Fiji stay here on Viti Levu, where many resorts are located. The Viti Levu's Coral Coast is the region in the south of the island. Choose experts for your Viti Levu vacation, including hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, top attractions and more. Here is our list of private guides in Viti Levu, Fiji.

Vacation Viti Levu | Viti Levu travel guide

It is not only the mainland.â It is the home of the Fiji Islands, but also the location of the Fiji capitol Suva and home to 70% of the Fiji populace (about 600,000 people), who mainly reside in the three major towns of the islands, Suva, Lautoka and Nadi.

A lot of first-time travellers to Fiji remain here on Viti Levu, where many resort are. Whilst the islandâs shores, with the possible exclusion of Natadola, may not be as picturesque and untouched as the âoffshoreâ ones in the neighbouring isles, Viti Levu has other attractions that can be found when you get away from the coast.

It is a fascinating place with its tragic uplands. Wander through protected areas and luxuriant riverside vale, dive into a cascade, tour historic towns and discover the Viti Levu, which is beyond the town prospect. Fiji's capitol is also the turntable for those looking for some of the city' s best sights, culture and comforts.

It has the best in Fiji's cinemas, nightclubs, shops, restaurants, and sights. The Viti Levu's Coral Coast is the southern area. Viti Levu's best is Natadola Strand. It is a beautiful and long sandy and long sandy area. It is a favourite picnic area.

The Pacific Harbour is the southeast part of the archipelago, from Deuba to Suva. There are many opportunities in the area, such as the Beqa lagoon in the southern part and inland cruises on the rivers (river cruises begin in Navua). It is Fiji's second biggest town in the north of Viti Levu.

Nadi, situated on the western shore of the isle, is Fiji's third biggest metropolis. It is also the position of Fiji's most important metropolitan area, which makes Nadi the country's most important gateown. The Nadi Market is one of the most lively places in Nadi, where people can meet the locals, find interesting and inexpensive restaurants, buy home-made snacks and taste the famous yeqona (kava) drink.

adi is also the turntable for exploring the surroundings and the western isles. Around the city of Niadi a wide range of sight-seeing trips, daily excursions and outdoor pursuits are available, such as coach trips to near mountain ranges, deep canyons, parks and beautiful beach or to the off-shore island of Mamanuca and Yasawa. Not many sand shores in the area of Viti Levu and Viti Levu's western shore.

The area is also much dryer than the luxuriant eastern coastline with its many rain forests. Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is situated about 10 km to the south eastern part of Lautoka and consists of the Viti Levu uplands. About Viti Levu? The Viti Levu is a good place for first-time visitor in Fiji.

It is the biggest and most advanced of all the countries, with many large luxury properties, big hotel and resort facilities and all the comforts you can imagine. It is a place of urban and countryside living and is the point of departure for airplanes and canoes.

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