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Holidays of the Society Islands

Destinations in the Society Islands. Locate surf camps in Windward Islands, Society Islands. There are two groups, the Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands. She sails the hot, lazy French Polynesian Society Islands, sometimes the Cook Islands, all year round. A program available on selected holiday and summer trips.

Best Society Islands Holidays 2018

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The price includes

Celebrate a variety of prestigious occasions, such as a souvenir sheet celebration, a formal reception and guest presentation. And you don't need to take a trip into the jungles to see them - many of these tropical wildlife can be seen from the island's sandy islets. Hiva Oa is home to the Marquesas' greatest rock carvings, which are said to be connected to the Easter Island's celebrated tanki.

There will be Robin & Danuta Pfeiffer on this trip: A counsellor in secondary education for 32 years, Robin was a radio reporter and an award-winning writer. These include the couple's renowned Pinot Clinics, which The Gauguin visitors will be able to experience on board the 13 April 2019 ferry.

Accompany us to a presentation on Pfeiffer vines and a degustation of Pfeiffer vines when Robin and Danuta come aboard the Gauguin. Polynesia's islands are a beautiful set of vulcanic clefts scattered across the Great Pacific, and the Tahiti is the biggest of the 118. Discover the vibrant food, night life and shops in the capitol Papeete before setting off for the Gauguin.

Maybe you take a presentation from one of our distinguished guest and then think about your days with the classical L'Etoile cooking. Spend a whole days enjoying your time on board: relaxing by the pool, watching the South Pacific, playing ping-pong or getting to know our nearest harbour in the Reading Gallery.

Fatu Hiva is the best described as spectacular and wilder. During the next two nights at Sea, you will have lots of free day to unwind and soak up the conveniences and entertainments aboard the Gauguin, such as the award-winning spas, casinos and expert presentations on board. Arrival 8:00 - Departure 17:00 Arrival Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands at 19:30.

Accommodation on board the boat. Tahiti's capitol Papeete greets you with green slopes, saphire water and a hot breeze. When you' re not prepared to end your South Pacific holiday, stay a few nights here and experience resort, spa, restaurant, night life and more.

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