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Situated on the east coast of Upolu. The Lagoto Resort & Spa is located on the large island of Savai'i, Samoa on a secluded white sandy beach, surrounded by coconut palms and crystal clear waters. It is often exposed to earthquakes and potential tsunamis. Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Samoa gets its share of the earthquake action. Canvass >Member Countries >Samoa >Society.

Connecticut - Independent State of Samoa - Country Profile - Malotuto'atasi o Samoa

Around 1000 BC, South East Asians came to the Samoan Isles and populated the remainder of Polynesia from there. Prior to the First World War, Samoa was a protected area of Germany, which was invaded by New Zealand in 1914. Samoa became the first Polish people to regain sovereignty in the twentieth centuries.

In spite of contemporary influence, the Samoans still adhere to "Fa'asamoa", the Samoan tradition associated with their own languages, clothing, cuisine, traditions and even property: Samoa, Cook Island, Polynesia (Tahiti), Niue, Pitcairn, Tonga and Tuvalu. First of January 1962. First of January 1962. Site: Oceania, archipelago in the South Pacific, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Surface: approx. 2,900 kmĀ², two major isles plus seven smaller ones. Humans:

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Join us and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of a native - where times stand still and the speed of living is as quiet and tranquil as the smooth ripples that break on the smooth whitewash of Samoa! There are nine island to chose from, there is a great deal to see and do on and around Samoa.

Savaii's biggest isle, Polynesia in its true form, provides an authentically beautiful view of Polynesia's world. Upolu is the second biggest of the islands, the most populous. Apia, the capitol, is located on the north shore. Vailima is close by, where the Scotish writer and writer Robert Louis Stevenson constructed a home and stayed there from 1889 until his deaths in 1894.

There are also the head agencies of most of the Samoa travel agencies, auto hire firms and banking institutions. The nicest part of Samoa is Aleipata, where you will see both unbelievable falls and gorgeous sandy whitewashed sands. One good way to discover this area is a trip to Samoa. For snorkeling or scuba divers, Samoa has a great variety of places to go - Palolo Deep Marine Reserve on Upolu Island, the Safotu and Manase shores and the one between Lesolo Point and Tuasivi on Savaii Island.

As this is an insular heaven, you can come to Samoa at any age. Dece-February is usually the wet period, but with the impact of climate change there have been years when we have not seen rains or, if we are fortunate, some dispersed shiver. Insulated tropic winds usually come to the archipelago from November to March.

Most of the best seasons to come to Samoais between May and October is the high seasons, although there is no price differential from other seasons of the year. Outside Apia, around Upolu and Savai'I, most of them are located along the coastline and are quite dispersed. Reserving a Samoa resort, even if only for the first overnight stay, is strongly advised so that you don't end up in a small fellowship with just a handful of Samoa hotels!

Or you can use our Samoa card to make your reservation according to its position. With many low-cost carriers now flying in the Pacific, a vacation in Australia, Fiji or Vanuatuis is a great complement to any vacation in Samoa. You can browse the Samoa properties and call us for the latest information from our Samoan people.

In case you have not reserved an accomodation on the island before your stay in Samoa, you can stop by the Samoa Hotel Association in the city centre of Apia. Hopefully our kind employees will help you with useful information and can arrange your accomodation in this nice area.

The Samoa Hotel Association makes your vacation on Samoa a cinch. Samoa and the Samoan Way, which is the most vivid in Polynesia!

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