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American Samoa agent is Polynesia Shipping Services (tel. find an eco-tour in Samoa. This is a list of eco tour operators, travel agencies and accommodation providers that are either based in Samoa or can arrange trips to Samoa. Inter Samoa Swift Travel in Comfort. urata Tamaso Travel Kumul Highway, Port Vila Phone:

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Best Country & Best Agency? Only a few agencies exist in Samoa as such, the best of which are Janes Tours and Travels in Apia, Kontakt: They' re South Pacific travelling experts, I have used them many months ago, but they still have a good name.

I' d also like to get in touch with Samoa Scenic Excursions as they will be able to organize trips for you, some adventures ome, others just relaxed and restful, and help you on your way. You are in Aggie Grey's Hotel in Apia city centre. Aggie' s Hotel in Apia is a good place to live, and older people are highly regarded and catered for.

Please let me know and I can give you some advice, even if you end up using a tourist agency that you may not need. Like for your other choices - Fiji, about top tourism; Tahiti - pricey, nice, but not for the older people, a paradise for young people. Samoa's relaxed lifestyle, the ghost of her civilization and the inviting, fun and respectable natives will accept your mother and her girlfriend as their own.

It is still an unspoilt area and relatively unspoilt by tourists with much to do and do.

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This is an IATA-accredited and licensed tourist office that carries tickets for all the biglines. The CARINA and Q reservation system from Air New Zealand is used worldwide. founded in Pago Pago, American Samoa. It is a full-fledged tourist office that offers a full range of services. It is an agentship for all national and multinational carriers and is mainly tied to all US Samoa-based carriers, namely Hawaiian Air, Samoa Air and Polynesian Air, which hold the ticketing portfolios of these threelines.

The Tusitala Hotel named us an In-House Travel and Tour organiser in early 1998. That was in line with our plan to concentrate more on the tour side. The tourdesk in the main hall is the center for our touring activites, group and hire-cars.

There is no doubt that it has more to provide its customers than just a single point of contact and a greater selection of carriers, which in turn ensures a flexible selection of carrier that would provide the most advantages at any given moment. It' also the only Apia agent to hold tickets for US-based UNITED Air Lines.

It is not possible to issue these low and competitively pricing flights to other airlines. Our extensive experience in the areas of airfare calculation, travel scheduling and flight tickets sales. Comprehensive comprehension of key metrics and flight plans is vital for precise travel scheduling. To ensure proper tickets, we are well versed and acquainted with the airlines' rates.

Our thorough understanding of tariff regulations and policies, our IATA certification, which guarantees the issue of tickets with all large carriers, guarantees that we can always ensure the cheapest flight price combinations for each trip. Being an IATA member, we have direct contact to our sponsorship of international trips with any airline.

While we do not usually get commissions for those trips, we can still offer the same services for trips abroad that have been purchased through the airline companies as if the trip was directly to us. You can make your reservation by telephone, facsimile, e-mail or in private.

Bookings and fares quotes can be verified within a matter of moments, so the processing period between reservation and ticketing is largely dependent on the priority and benefits of each enquiry. We can ship your document to any available location and offer a postal services to you. Our principle has always been to offer a full range of services.

Forwarding can be done, we can make changes and we can forward information to our customers that the carriers would forward to us as long as the reservation made by us is still available in the reservation system. Our services range from group trips, flight reservation, hotels and overland transport to entry formalities.

We' re the officials of WSamoa Football SoccerAssn, the American Samoa South American Assn, the WSamoa Netball Assn and the Womens Bowling Assn..... For the Samoa Netball Team we organized trips to the WORLD NETBALL CUP in Birmingham and the WOMENS BOWLING CUP in London, England. Each year we bring football clubs from the two Samoas to big shows in RAROTONGA, FIJI, AUCKLAND and the 12 TOURNAMENT in BRISBANE.

For more than 10 years we have been the formal tour operators of these sport organizations and we intend to maintain this two-sided advantage. Our Kitano Tusitala Hotel offices can act as a center for meetings and conferences, offering free services and information on airlines' confirmations and bookings, free tourism material and any other general assistance needed.

The pricing for these parcels has been specifically agreed with airline companies and hoteliers to achieve a discount over walk-in doors. Air New Zealand, Polynesian Airline are taking part in this program with us.

There are Outrigger Hawaii Hotel, MARC Resorts Hawaii, The Castle Group Hawaii, Tanoa Hotel Fiji, Pacific Royale Tonga, as well as all Samoan Hotel. The HOTPAC offers reasonablypriced lodging, a wide range of touring and recreational opportunities in all destinations served by Air New Zealand's vast travel and accommodation networks.

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