Legend of Fishing

Fishing legend

Angelsaga - The Legend of Fishing. The Fishing Saga is an addictive casual game! Keanahaki legend and the fish. The Legend is once again ready to become a sports fishing machine and live up to its name "Legend". Legend Fishing Adventures is St.

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Legend of Keanahaki and the Seafish

Years ago there was a family in Namakalele (meaning "the floating eyes") - Keanahaki and her. He was a very preoccupied man. After this work was finished, he rushed home to store the timber and dinner and then went directly out to the ocean to go fishing. At the time her 6th baby was given birth, Keanahaki determined that her man should not be away so long every single working night, and she said to him:

"You' re going up into the hills and I' m going fishing. "Keawe consented and then went into the hills as always, and Keanahaki went down to the ocean. But Keawe did not know that his woman was not like other wives and had odd and uncommon forces. As Keanahaki came to the bank, she began to sing and told her right eyeball to go to the ocean and take certain species of pelagic with her, then to her right eyeball to go in a different way on the ocean and capture other pelagic.

and then she shouted her tears to get back. Their right eyebolt flapped back and brought many fishies. Your lefthand eyeball did the same thing. First Keanahaki split the seafood into servings for her man, the kids and herself. She was overcome with her lust, and after she had consumed her portion, she kept feeding until there was only one remaining piece of it.

This mighty lady took the lonely catfish home with her and when her man saw this small fang, he was very upset. So he asked Keanahaki if that was all she could get, and she said yes, so he assumed that this was her first fishing trip and that things would get better with the game.

Keanahaki went down to the shore every single afternoon and came back with only one piece of meat, and Keawe became mistrustful. And then one of his friends said that his missus wasn't a regular man. Said that she had uncommon power and that she could turn her eye out to go fishing and that she always came back with plenty of stash.

As for Keawe, he was furious and disillusioned. Asked how to capture his woman, he was asked to collect the sheets of the ivu'awa'awa (a kind of pumpkin with bitterness growing on a vine). When he followed his woman to the bank, he could capture her and keep her in the leaf.

Keawe acted like he was going into the hills one of these days, then he was waiting and watching his woman go fishing. When Keanahaki came to the coast, she sang again for her right hand for flying over the ocean and fishing for certain types of fishing and for her right hand for flying in another way and bringing in other squid.

When I saw her, Keawe was amazed. And he followed his woman quietly, and she did not see him, for without her sight she was blindfolded. As enough elapsed, she shouted to her face to come back, but Keawe snapped them as they flown back with the catfish and wound each eyeball diligently into the sheets of the igu 'awa'awa.

He then collected the pelagic and went home as Keanahaki was standing on the bank shouting for their faces and asking why they did not come back. As Keawe arrived at his grassy shack, his starving kids assembled and were proud of the big bite their dad had made. So he let her admire the pisces and went to cover his wife's eye--

Some of the kids were too busy with the fishing to see it, but the 6th saw him take the small bunch and place it on a high outreach. Meanwhile Keanahaki had waited a long while for her to get her eye back on the shore, and soon she became distrustful of what had happened.

You said he came back with a big sack of squid. Having touched over Keanahaki found and restores her to her feet. Keanahaki still went to the shore after that date to go fishing, but she always took the supplies her eye had captured with her for worrying that she would stay on the coast blindfold.

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