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Apiaria Samoa

INSLAND FEHMARN HOTEL, APIA, SAMOA Apia, Samoa travel planner with maps, hotels, activities, travel information, tips and reviews from Trip.com. US Embassy Apia, Samoa The US diplomatic mission to the Samoan archipelago dates back to 1856, when the first US consul was sent to Apia. The Samoans have a particular attachment to their "brothers and sisters" in the US Samoa territories due to the country's culture and history, and more often due to intercultural and other exchange and strong familial and private bonds have further strengthened the bond between the two Samoans and the USA.

Since 50 years a vibrant and proactive peacekeeping operation has been the basis of US aid to Samoa. Focusing on people-to-people commitment and hands-on approaches to challenging developments, U.S. Peace Corps staff have been instrumental in supporting Samoa's education and business growth and have gained the appreciation of many throughout Samoa.

Nowadays the Samoan term "Pisi Koa" (Peace Corps) is used as a general term for volunteers.


Jakarta is the country's capitol and centre of the country's business and politics, and the place to be if you want to be in the mélange. If you can look past the crowded streets, this never sleepin' mega-polis has everything you need and more. Jakarta has you covered from celebrations into the early wee small town or the hope of an open sea on the north shore of the town.

Secretary General greets the Forum Chairmen's call for support in Apia, Samoa

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, has concluded a trip to Apia in Samoa, where she will meet all Commonwealth leaders and other Commonwealth partner countries of the eighteenth century. It had far-reaching discussions on Commonwealth initiative and sketched the preparation for the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London in April 2018.

Welcoming the call by the Pacific Islands Heads of State and Government to the ³cInternational Fellowship³d to consider urgent aid following Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. In their communiqué this weeks the Heads of State and Government of the Platform reminded us of the effects of the recent hurricanes in the Pacific and the considerable damage to small states' infrastructures and economy.

"We' re in this together," said the secretary general. During the Secretary General's meeting, he highlighted the Commonwealth's initiative and built on its precious relations with Member States and other parties.

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