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Salmon Stewart Island Smoked, Oban, New Zealand. Located in Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island, New Zealand. The Sanford salmon farms produce some of the best Pacific king salmon in the Southern Ocean.

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Order salmon pages..... Whole salmon sides can be ordered. Weighing between 800g and 1300g. Information about products and dispatch..... Our salmon filets are sliced by our staff and vacuum-packed. The dimensions correspond to the ordered dimensions, but are not always precise. Salmon orders are handled and packaged at our headquarters on Stewart Island.

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Each year, our organic farming program yields approximately 2 million laid and cared for egg until it hatches. Then we put the shore in the Clutha and Waitaki Rivers' clean, snow-capped water, and when they hit 30 g they are cleared for the crossing to our Stewart Island ranches. Here they are subjected to a thorough feed and managment program until they achieve the required mass of approx. 4 kg - ideal for harvest, preparation and sales to the store.

From California, King Salmon was imported to New Zealand and is often described as the best salmon in flavour, consistency and nutrition. At Big Glory Bay in Stewart Island, adjacent to a national park, there is King Salmon all year round. Oiled and rich in omega-3, King Salmon can be grilled, grilled, braised, stewed, smoked, roasted and grilled and served uncooked as Saschimi.

Lachsfarms, Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island, New Zealand, NZ

Situated in the pristine waters of Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island, Sanford's two salmon ranches are producing some of the best Pacific King Salmon. The salmon are housed in net shelters ( "cages", similar to fishermen's cages) so that they are protected from damage in a secluded and uninterrupted marine pollution from the South Pacific Current.

The tide motion keeps the cage tidy and constantly changes the waters in which the salmon live. Lined Fischpellets, which are taken from automated feed baskets, reach a weight of 3-6 kg after approx. 18 months. During harvesting, a herb anaesthetic extracted from carnations is used to soothe the salmon and protect it from immediate irritation from kill.

The salmon are then packaged in an iced still and transferred to the Sanford's Bluff plant. Approximately 1,500 tons of salmon are picked annually. Visits to salmon ranches can be organised, with excursions from the community. Some 20 people are working on the two facilities, among them scuba-diving crew members who are in charge of controlling the networks and repairs to damages caused by starving seal.

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