Poipu Beach Kauai

The Poipu Beach Kauai

For the first two days in Kauai we drove to Waimea Canyon and Kalalau lookout. The beach stunt has the internet in its arms. The long distance of Poipu is actually two beaches in one, divided by.

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There' is a great sheltered area for snorkelling and surfing - with windsurf break off the coast (for advanced surfers). At Poipu we have received many " Top 5 " beach prices - nationally and worldwidely. Poipu is as quiet as a public baths on many "winter days" when the northern bank is turbulent and rugged.

Though the coast is usually shielded from large waves, there can be hazardous seas. The coastline is covered with sand and grass, surrounded by crags. Poipu may not be the place to be if you're looking for a little bit of private life. Poipu can become very full during the hot summers and high season.

The Poipu Beach - Aloha HawaiiPoipu Beach - Aloha Bawaii

Situated on the southern shores of Kauai, this relatively secure beach is one of the most favoured ones on the isle. It is about 3 mile long and 100 foot across and offers a lot of space for visitors and many local people who come to Poipu to savour the glittering beach of fine whitewash and surf the surf on the countless surfboards.

Poipu Beach's east side is known as Baby Beach because it is flat and safer for children, while the west side of the beach is preferred by windsurfers and is also more liked for snorkelling and angling. Body boarders prefer the area on the west side of the beach, where the swell breaks softly on the sandbank.

In front of Poipu Beach there are many grass and shade places to relax. Swim, snorkelling, surf, bodyboard, canoeing, windsurf, kitesurf, sunbathe, beach strolls. It has received many" Best Beach" awards and is often considered one of the most beautiful beach in the land and the underworld. This sandy stretch that divides the beach of Poipu is named the tombolos and is created by opposing sea current that leaves behind a sandbank known as Nukumoi Point.

The Poipu Beach is perfect for a picknick or to watch the sundown. At the T-junction at the petrol pump turn right into Poipu Road to get from Koloa to Poipu Beach. Pass the "Welcome to Poipu" for about 1.75 mile. The Poipu Road follows the coast to Hoowi Road, where you turn right.

Strandpark is at the end of the street.

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