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The Waiheke Island Camping

It is New Zealand's most beautiful wilderness camping adventure. When you do not plan to stay on the campsite, make sure you rent an independent motorhome. Offers cheap Campervan hire in Maui Campervan Waiheke Island. Freedom camping is one of the best things about renting a motorhome in New Zealand.

Auckland for camping

Auckland Camping. Campsite is an inexpensive way to stay the whole day, a way of travelling independently, and a way to be more in touch with the outdoors. Auckland has a wide range of places to put up your camping equipment for the evening or to leave your motorhome. We' re going to go through them all in this guidebook where you can go camping in Auckland.

Four types of camp sites exist in the county of Auckland: vacation farms, community camp sites, Department of Conservation (DoC) camp sites and liberty camp sites. An open "tent friendly" campsite with about 44 inexpensive camp sites from the Hunua Ranges to beach camp sites along the breathtaking waters. If you travel in a motorhome that is not completely self-contained, you may find fewer possibilities for inexpensive camping, but you can still find everything you need in vacation resorts.

You will certainly have much more opportunities if you are driving in a self-sufficient, certificated car in the Auckland area. Have a look at the list below to find your perfect campsite in the Auckland area. Auckland has four different kinds of campsites: vacation parcs, community camping sites, Department of Conservation (DoC) camping sites and free campsites/freedom camping sites.

There are 44 camp sites throughout the Auckland area. SCC-parking spaces or SCC-campsites are only for single-cars. The Auckland Council website is the place to be. Hauraki's Department of Conservation runs the Hauraki Golf Island camp sites. Booking your camp site on the website of docc.

Free camping in Auckland. Auckland' campsite is usually a parking lot without amenities, where you can spend the nights in your motorhome for free. Therefore, camping is limited to certificated, independent cars only. Auckland has little room for free camping. There are, however, a few free overnight accommodations if you are on the road in a licensed motorhome:

To find out more about these free campsites in Auckland, visit 5 free campsites in Auckland. As of the date of this letter, Auckland County Council is evaluating 65 Liberty Campsites throughout Auckland, some of which were chosen after the process. Auckland will be changed during 2017.

Visit the Council's website in New Zealand under the heading Camping Rules in New Zealand: Regional by regional for up-to-date information on camping in Auckland.

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