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Receive Kiritimati's weather and area codes, time zone and daylight saving time. So what time is it in Kiritimati, Line Islands, Kiribati? You can find time, date and weather for Kiritimati, Line Islands, Kiribati from an original source in the online time recording. Height, place, date/time, live weather, wind, temp. That was my second time in Kiribati, the country.

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Kiribati Christmas Island | Photo report

Isle of Kiritimati or Christmas - the biggest island of corals in the whole wide open sea. It is part of the state of Kiribati and lies in the Pacific Ocean. It' quite simple: in Kiribati's use of the words Ti pronounces S and now comes Christmas. The name of the state is also not that of Kiribati and Kiribas.

So we call the State of Kiribati - so efficient. My wish to come to the island was a long time ago, when my hand published the encyclopaedia Geography by "ROSMEN. "No, not a whole thing has been said about this island, but it has been shown on the maps, and how can you not want to go to the island with the same name?

This wish is very profound and here it is, it is time to do it. The point of departure was to obtain a vaccination and the United States will now clarify why: Republic of Kiribati - one of the few Oceania counties that keeps its frontiers under wraps for the states.

Also Kiribati visas can be obtained in the following ways: 2) Fiji, for a fortnight. They submit their application to the consulate and issue a visas within one whole working day. That Kiritimati airplanes are flown once a week and it is very impractical to plane such equivocal notions, especially if you only depart for 2 whole wards.

The Kiribati Counsel in Honolulu. When you apply in a personal capacity, you will receive a 2 hour visas. They can also email us the forms of a visas and photographs (in not very cheap) and back to the note (you also paid for it) you will receive a visas label that must be attached in the pass.

Visas were not made in person on arriving because I expected pretty much everything from the consulate, even the fact that he will depart in a rush, and I will be in Hawaii in 3 working nights without visas and planes. What's fun is that they do their jobs sloppily: First she sent me an e-mail with my adress without a valid avisa!

Then they sent me 3 tries to mail me the tracking-codes ( (always incorrect in the numbers). Also, had a dilemma with the fact that in supplement to the documentation required for applying for a $40 visas cheque (oh, the Americans) or debit cards (using the CVV code).

They replied to my sensible question that we sent you a mail with top-priority international dispatch (since the time is very short), which cost $ 120. Considering that the communication took 2 month, the embassy can be sent a long time ago and without the need for such an expen-sion.

I didn't get why not sent to the motel, but oh, good. To be honest, the islands of Hawaii have exceeded all our expectation, I was even a little afraid that Christmas Island could not warrant the hope it had been given. - You needed nothing at all from Kiritimati - this is the island of your dream.

Spray and sunscreens, which are still essential in this area, forcing the rucksack in the baggage that Oceania bad because things get mislaid all the time, but considering that the airplane will fly to the island once a week, the odds of spoiling your fare.

As I have a particular affection for Kiribati, you like the Kiribati clusters very much, but unfortunately it turned out that the Christmas Island Transit and the island airplane will still be flying to Fiji, so these Kiribati folks have never seen that they were Fijians and New Zealanders instead (yes, it was a mini-survey).

Airplane good old carrier Fiji Airways (ex Air Pacific). It' s noteworthy that on the piano says Fiji, especially when the images will help to find that this is Fiji, rather than Christmas Island. We' re taking her to Honolulu International Airport (HI). Well, almost three hrs of clean time over the Pacific.

Sitting on the approach to the isles is always a dilemma - which side of the airplane to see the splendour of the most. Luckily I was sitting where the best views were, but still we had to change to the moment on the airplane's lefthand side, i.e. the island's lefthand part became apparent first.

Advices for the plantation universally, because the airplane always lands in the same way, as far as I understands it. It is a sheltered lagoon with breathtaking sandy shores where there are no humans! Aside from the island, we can see a small island - an island of cook - is open to the public.

It is the only property with many pictures and certificates. I can see why there are so few pictures (except for pictures of fishers and their trophies). The airplane departs once a weeks, on Wednesday (Transit Fiji-Honolulu). Maybe those working for the aerodrome didn't want to work more than once a weeks.

It is a cultural centre that attracts work during the daytime. On the way to the airfield I already made the decision to make sure that my baggage was in order. From the airplane I see starts empty car - I ran after her, explaining the scene and they guide me to the hold of the airplane, and give you to find his rucksack.

This is Cassidy lnternational Airfield (Cassidy lnternational Airport). Right away, five mins drive and we had the motel. Alongside the road, found a small hamlet - banana. The transport to the hotelier was released, but his face was clearly visible that those folks wanted to tip him. It' named Captain Cook Hole.

It is the only one on the island, next to many guesthouses for fisherman. There are even cabins, but they are not nicely placed in the sea like in regular touristic areas, but only on the floor, they do not have quite nice coastline. Yes, the place is very poor.

Yes, there are quite a few from the Pacific Ocean, but the waters are very nice and the darkness, which is more than 50 feet deep is small - about 30 cm, and then down sharp in the deep. Although the motel was reserved by e-mail, the personnel still had to be surprised.

Approximately 30 min. could not compute, the costs of subsistence are continuously transferred from English into the Kiribatiese. Here is what the area near the hospital. All of the personnel who run the resort, the women are shy and often observe the crowds behind a curb and snigger about sitting on the veranda with a notebook.

This is the inside of the room when you get out. There are many backdrops in the dinning room for the island's and the airport's conservation, as well as photographs of fishers and their trophy. There is a grocer' s with the necessities (food and housewares ) near the hotels, the rates are very low.

It' a lovely place, but you have to go exploring the island. They have to go to the south tip of the island - in the town called Poland. It was very costly for a 2-hour journey, but he said he would drive through the lovely places off the highways.

This island is surrounded by such shrubs, I don't know how they don't desiccate, but they are all over. Along the way we stoped in a small town named Banana. You go to the Polish town. Situated in the southwest of the island, it can be reached by road in about 2-3h.

Drivers said he wasn't just driving on the streets with shrubs and around the nice places and he did. It' the streets of the island. Walking through really nice and completely savage lakes. Poland - a small town at the south tip of the island.

The last time foreign nationals came to them was last year. Interesting kids from Kiribati. A lot of folks want to remain and life here on the island. Everything, but Alex from the Vinskogo Forums me very much advertising beachside near the town of Poland. Teacher work here not so long ago and have not even known about a nice sandy spot, but somewhere he was not comprehended and said that he will show us.

A very nice sandy spot, very nice beaches, fine whitewash and the sea - what else do you need? Mayuri-C Kiribati's tongue is "Hello. "On the island of the thousand tiny Lagoon. Such as, near the town of London and is a place where the deep does not take more than 30 cm, and can go as far as you like.

We' re leaving the motel just south of Captain Cook. If you are moving around the island, don't ignore the solar protections. Everything you can buy here, but better yet, everything you need - don't count on them. Apparently the fisherman's not out of the city this saturday.

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