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Backed by the Kauai Fire Department Ocean Safety Bureau. There are mixed waves with potential for powerful waves and currents around Kauai today. At the Kauai Water Ski & Surf Co. you found the Kauai Surf School, which is located in sunny Poipu Beach on the'Garden Isle' of Kauai, Hawaii. Find out about the conditions in Kauai, including surfing and weather forecasts, as well as a variety of information about the Garden Island.

Kauai Hanalei Bay is an exposed reef and point break with constant surf, although the summer is rather flat.

Surf Report & Forecast - Map of Kauai Island Surf Spots & Cams

There' s a good enough excuse not to see too many Kauai heads. A surfing resource-packed isle, the indigenous surfer has done an outstanding job over the years, minimising its spread on most surfcards. A-plus surfing is available on both the northern and southern shore of the isle.

It becomes much more serious in winters when the Nordwestswells meet the northern bank of Kauai. As with so many places on the islands of Hawaii, the Kauai is also affected by drastic fluctuations in tides, sea state, sea state, wind directions and winds. It features experts' stories and a surf camera ecosystem that gives windsurfers around the globe an accurate picture of what the surfing and surfing environment is like at all Kauai surf sites.

Each Kauai Surf Reports page contains accurate tidal diagrams, surfwinds, sea temperature, current buoys, satellites and more. Compilation, handling and provision of all important information and surfing relevant information available to enable a real-time evaluation of surfing behaviour and surfing condition in Kauai.

The best places to surf on Kauai

Every of Hawaii's isles is known as a great surf destination. Of course, windsurfing is part of the island life. Kauai has some of the best windsurfing you can imagin. This guidebook will tell you more about the best places to surf on Kauai, so be sure to check it out and plan a surfing holiday of a lifetime! For more information about the best places to surf on Kauai, please click here.

You can surf in different places at different seasons on the Isle of Kauai. The best places to surf on Kauai therefore differ from year to year. It is in winters, or from November to February, that the northern bank really draws the most interest.

In winter, the northern shores of the river are really big, they can even become very dangerous. This makes Hanalei Bay, Kalihiwai and Haena the best places for intermediate and expert surfer looking for adrenalin.

Don't be mistaken, windsurfers come from all over the globe to take part in the big winter surfing on the northern water. It will have the largest swell on the northern bank when it reaches its climax, usually around January, but it will run out to shallow tide in the summers.

Throughout the year you will find relatively even small to moderate swell along the eastern coast. Areas like the port of Nawiliwili are a favourite tourist spot for those who are just starting to learn how to surf or for those who like to surf more easily. The southern bank is the centre of attention when summers strike. On the southern bank, the best time will be from May to October.

It may not be as big as in the northern winters, but you will be enjoying big, common surf. Throughout Poipu Beach you will find great windsurfing opportunities, with many different and well-known unique surfers' paradises along the way, such as Acid Drops, PK's and Centers, among many others.

Naturally, in the best month, browsing can be overcrowded at any place you like. Remember that here at Koloa Landing Resort you will find a Kama'aina surf and sport area. It is the perfect place to hire a surf board, take lessons in a group or privately or even take an off-shore surf trip to various places.

They can also teach you how to paddle or take you on an memorable jet ski surf trip. So, come to Kama'aina at our resorts swimming pools to take full benefit of the best windsurfing in Kauai!

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