Lanai Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions of Lanai

Attractions and festivals in Lanai. Since the weather in Lanai is relatively dry, your trip to the island is perfect for an old-fashioned picnic on the lush green. Are you looking for the things you can do in Lanai? Plus, it's not littered with tourist traps selling you overpriced snorkeling gear. There are no big Luau productions, shopping malls, aquariums or other big attractions - no traffic lights either!

Ianai travel guide | Lanai sights

Lanai is the smallest of the populated of Hawaii. Many travelers know it as Ananasinsel. This is because before the large scale occupation, a large part of the land was covered by large pine apple-groves. Mystical rain forests, gorgeous sandy shores, scenic fishermen's towns and singular historic landmarks are the major assets of the scenic archipelago, attracting tens of thousand of curious travelers every year.

The Lanai is the only town on the whole of Lanai and its capitol. On a walk through the narrow alleys of the capitol you can admire many nice small buildings in different colors. There is a wonderful Dole Parc in the centre of the metropolis - a popular tourist area.

South of Lanai is no less important - Hulopoeay. This is the cove where the most famous beach of the isle is located. This is one of the best places to see the dolphin in the islands of Hawaii. Shipwreck Beach is a rather uncommon destination.

The old boat remnants remind the visitors of past days. Travelers who want to familiarize themselves with the cultures and customs of the tribal people should pay a trip to the old town of Kaunolu. Many old houses have been conserved in its area, and you can see paintings of the first colonists of the islands on the rock.

There is a myth that in antiquity soldiers used to jump off to show off their bravery. The Munro Trail is still the most favourite tourist trail for hiking along the picturesque villages. Its name comes from the New Zealand scientist who came to the isle in 1890. It starts in the immediate proximity of the city and leads through unbelievably nice places.

On the way, travelers will have the chance to walk through magnificent pinewoods and promontories, and the last leg of the journey will be Mount Lanaihale. Lanai Attractions by our guide'Extreme places on Earth' All about Lanai, USA - Attractions, Places of Interest, Tourist Places, Architectural, Historical, Cultural and Cuisines.

Scheduling your journey with this guidebook will help you get the most out of Lanai in a few business meetings.

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