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Oahu's best places to get Hawaiian shaving ice are Shimazu Store, Waiola Shave Ice and the famous Matsumoto Shave Ice on the North Shore. You can use your Uber account to order the delivery of North Shore Hawaiian Barbeque in Seattle. Beautifully decorated with Hawaiian motif. Small coffee roastery in Haleiwa, on the northern shore of Oahu, Hawaii! Cauai florists offer flowers for weddings, special occasions or every day.

Hawaiian Plate Lunch - 22 pictures & 73 reviews - Hawaiian - 2750 Altamont Dr, Klamath Falls, OR - Restaurant Reviews - Telephone number

It is a great place for lunches in Klamath and my whole familys and I like it! You have 4 things on the menu....Kahlua Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Korean Chicken and Shoyu Chicken. Then you get your pick of meats, and then you get your pick of lettuce and your pick of lettuce.

Usually I get the Shoyu hen marinated in a nice marinade of sage and soyginger! I think the chickens are in a skewer of sage and cloves, and my father got it last and really liked it. Also I always get lettuce, its awesome, going with the meats and rices mint.

There are also a number of different kinds of dressings at the bar where you can get your meal, such as Sriraqua, Srijasauce, and a barbecue dressing and terrayaki dressing (which goes really well with the rice)! Normally we always get our meals to go, as most folks do, but they have a small sitting area inside so you can always have something to take home.

Last we came here a few nights ago, from the moment we walked into the house until the moment we got back in our cars, it was less than 5 minutes......they are superb! This is a great place for dinner if you don't have much free space to await your meal.

Hawaiian BBQ. There were long queues all the while, so I can only imagine it's a favorite with the natives. Dinner was well paid - $8 small, $9 big. Lots of grub for both sizes. It was only 3 min from the order to the meal, if that's the case.

It' not the tidiest place, but good stuff. It' my first one. Dinner was tasty, but the dude at the bar was kind of impolite. This place is filling very fast, because of the small dining area and the good meal here. I had Teriyaki the hen and I went with the Shoyu hen, both with maccaroni sausage.

I' d strongly suggest the periodical, not the big one, because it really is a great amount of eating! We would not be hesitant to try the Kahlua pork and we plan to come back halfway to Hawaii. That little leak in the walls has great value for money!

When I got the hen with a combination of terrayaki and korea spice, I ate both. But the terijaki was my favourite. You also have tasty Hawaiian Soda! Next in Klamath, I'll come back for sure! Dinner is good. You never pick up the telephone, and every goddamn thing I get is mash.

You have only 4 elements on the meal that contain brown and white bread, but it is to be killed. Only 4 articles give them plenty of free rein to focus on what their meals do well. It' not really "authentic" Hawaiian cooking, but they have POG (if you don't know what it is).

Your lettuce of makkaroni is unbeatable. I like Kahlua pork and maccaroni lettuce! Dear loves dear loves this place ! Amazing prices and great cuisine. This is a must for good eating! Attractive meals at a reasonable rate! I' ve been to Hawaii and they're pretty similar. Best Hawaiian meal I've ever had.

It' a complete cavity in the walls that doesn't look like much, but it has FANTASTICAL DOWN! Hawaiian best without going to Hawaii. Hawaii: If you like to go to Hawaii and eat the locals KahlĂșa pork with paddy sauce and lettuce, all you have to do is shut your eye and think that you are on the island, because this meal will take you there!

I' m looking forward to visit my California sis, because I can go to North Shore Hawaiian and get my fix! Best meal since I arrived in Klamath Falls. I' ve ordered half a traditional Korea BBQ/Teriyaki and macrooni. but I' m very disillusioned they shut down almost 20 minutes before commercials.

I' d had a visit from a foreign country and when I came within the lesson of its closure, they had closed their door and didn't want to take any phone call.

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