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Leisure activities - community pool, Hulopoe Beach Park. The Lana'i ferry avoids a moored sailing boat and returns to the port of Lahaina after a spectacular three-point turn. The Shipwreck Beach on the northern shore of the island is named after the remains of a destroyed ship due to a short distance off the coast. Which are the rooms, pools, beach, restaurants, gym, etc.?

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But I like Lanais Beach. This 140 square kilometer large islet with only 18 kilometers of coast line has only three of them. Now, three strands at the end of the street, I am happy to send my boyfriends behind the steering wheels of a jeep, that is. Except for a small company that hires Hummers, the only Lanai Dollar Rent Acar company that only hires jeeps - a suitable commercial concept considering that there are only 30 mi of asphalted streets on the islands and more than 400 mi of dirt track.

You want a Jeep on Lanai. Two of these 3 are Polihua and Kaiolohia, on the northern side of Lanai, which faces Molokai Isle only nine n autical mile across the Kalohi Canal and requires four-wheel driven coaches. Hulopoe, the third beach, is accessed by a cobbled street, a very chic Four Seasons trademark retreat on the southern side of the islands, and is very buoyant and mature for snorkelling.

There' s other shores in Lanai, sure. I wouldn't be negotiating the streets to them without a Lanai behind the steering seat. Polihua, Kaiolohia and Hulopoe each meet a particular desire for my beach adventures on an isle with - and I mean this with admiration and greatest reverence - graciously little to do, but to quietly discover the great nature or to sit back on the beach, toen in the sandy, happy to catch up while touring.

Lanais are one of my favourite escape routes for me: beautiful peace, welcoming people (most riders provide a welcome drive-by wave) and the absence of city diversions. Back to these shores. When you live on Lanai, rely on us, you will want to stay some quality leisure on each of them, especially if you can hire a car and take some relaxing moments.

Only for a full day's outing to Lanai? As I do, consider your own beach experiences longings, then select one of the listed below. The last six mile of the road to Polyhua is the defining feature of rattle. PolĂ­hua's verbatim interpretation is "eggs in the breast".

" As the beach is a popular place for oviposition honey. Polihua makes true the visual impression that many around the globe probably have in their heads of what the ideal Hawaiian beach should look like. Fifteen-mile course of smooth gravel sands? There are no masses of people and, very often, no one other than you and who else is jumping into the Jeff?

Polihua's crunching waves and the sea blues behind them are only suitable for beach watching. But if you are looking for one of the most wonderful places in the whole wide globe to dunk your feet in the sands, reading one or two books and admiring the lonely countryside, Polihua is incomparable.

Shipwreck Beach, Kaiolohia. Picture credits: Hawaii Tourism Japan. However, the coastal Jean trails to Kaiolohia are much more convenient and easy to steer on the back than the Polihua-Jeeils. Kaiolohia, like Polihua, is not a beach. But it is a beachcomber's dream: eight northeastern trade winds running through eight kilometres of sandy and coastal line, which send all kinds of driftwood and jet seed ashore, some of which are desirable and undesirable.

However, common beach cleaning in the municipality prevents much of the rubbish from getting out of control, making Kaiolohia great for hiking. It is also wild and scenic, with a jagged coastline, a panorama of Molokai's southern shores directly over the Kalohi Canal and better views of the title-giving wreck of the beach's ship the further you go in.

The Hulopoe Beach and Bay, with tidal swimming in front; photo credits: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)/Dana Edmunds. Hulopoe is not. And just a brief stroll from Manele Bay Harbor, where ferry passengers are arriving and departing, is also the ideal beach for Lanai day-trippers. The name Hulopoe is said to be a man's name.

Lanai's most beloved beach blends two elements for a great Hawaii beach adventure all year round: a beautifully broad, sandy beach, which is the best on the beach for a swim, and an enviable crystal cove that invites you to snorkel. Winters provide quaint surfing for body boarders and harsher environments for occasional oceansurfers, but Hulopoe is always a great place for people with an interest in all things out there.

On the eastern side of the cove is a group of large intertidal basins that catch sea creatures at low tides. Farther eastwards on the shore path lies the scenic Puu Pehe monument of nature (also known as Sweetheart Rock), which rises 80 ft from the coastal shoals.

Denek Paiva is the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau Accounting Editorial and Author for the Anthology Marketing Group. As a life-long Hawaiian, Derek enjoys a career in magazines and newspapers and was editor-in-chief of Hawaii Journal from 2010 to 2015.

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