Where is the Biggest Ocean in the World

Which is the largest ocean in the world?

A world ocean, world ocean or world ocean is a term that describes all the oceans of the world as one big ocean. It' divided into five oceans. The world' s oceans by area & depth + the largest marginal seas of the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic Oceans, Mediterranean. Mariana Trench is in the Pacific Ocean. It' also the second largest continent in the world in terms of population.

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A world ocean, world ocean or world ocean is a concept that describes all the world' s seas as one big ocean. It' subdivided into five seas. They are the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean. It is possible to represent the world ocean as centred on the Southern Ocean.

Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans can be seen as coves or rags going northwards from the Southern Ocean. Further northerly, the Atlantic Ocean flows into the Arctic Ocean, which is linked to the Pacific Ocean by the Bering Strait: Southern Ocean is the ocean that surrounds Antarctica, generally the ocean lying 60 degree southern latitude.

Part of the Southern Ocean is coated with ocean rice, the size of which depends on the time of year. Southern Ocean is the second smallest of the five mentioned seas. Its second-largest Atlantic stretches from the Southern Ocean between South America, Africa, North America and Europe to the Arctic Ocean.

At Cape Agulhas the Atlantic Ocean hits the Indian Ocean just to the South of Africa. From the Southern Ocean to India, between Africa and Australia. It connects the Pacific Ocean to the western side, near Australia. Pacific Ocean, the largest of all, stretches from the Southern Ocean to the Arctic Ocean to the north.

Situated in the gulf between Australia, Asia, North America and Oceania. At Cape Horn, the Pacific Ocean hits the Atlantic Ocean just to the south of Latin America. Arctic Ocean is the smallest of the five. Greenland and Iceland with the Pacific Ocean on the Bering Strait.

Part of the Arctic Ocean is coated with ocean rice, the size of which depends on the time of year. The Arctic Ocean is not regarded by some as a real ocean, as it is usually landlocked and little is exchanged with the other seas. Consequently, it is regarded by some as a Atlantic Ocean, known as the Arctic Mediterranean or Arctic Ocean.

Though it is not in reality the rough form of the world ocean can be considered permanent for most purposes: continuous changes in the composition of the continent's oceanography.

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