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Explore the Pulemelei Hill in Samoa: Back to Crandall Job Sites. There are a number of excellent dive sites outside and along this reef. The Tui Cable Site Caution Vaivase-tai residents have issued a medical alert about the position of the Tui Samoa wire in the area. Claiming to be an "expert in the area of technological innovation", he is afraid for the life of those who live in his area, especially those of schoolchildren. That is why he says he has enough information about the impact of these cables on humans.

It cares about the emissions and how the frequencies of the cables could affect the life of the population. "So I will not only be standing by my side and doing nothing because I know what these things can do, and I will take good charge of our own local population.

Samoa asked the Samoa Cabel Company to consider security precautions to help the neighbor. Mr. Barnes added that the wired installation should perhaps be designed on an insulated isolation to avoid potentially damaging human exposures. "I know from my own experiences that such cases are very difficult to describe, because the different programs that this wire can provide can easily manipulate you.

I' ve seen how human beings are suffering from various illnesses resulting from these technology sites, which is why I' m concerned about this trend here. "We may not see it now, but in the near term we will..... because a illness created by the Tui cable's rays and frequency needs healing times to evolve, but when it happens, it is irremediable.

You couldn't get a cable operator's comments last night.

Island Upolu

First we went to Cynthia's classroom and got a guided visit through the school's collection. Again the ASU pupils had a good stay with the elementary-schools. So we were pleased to see Zack's guest mom conducting a course on the environment. As she apologized to the group, the ASU pupils again had the chance to engage with the pupils and help them think about how and why escalation is happening.

Eventually our daily race with Craig ended and he gave us a short walk through his college and university.

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