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The Lanai City, Lanai with Billing

When you are a cost-conscious traveller who wants to see Lanai, don't you have to be worried because despite your money, you can still have that wonderful holiday in Lanai. With so many available budgeted accommodation on Lanai, you can select from a whole range of great things to do that won't make you pay so much and provide great dining options that are not so pricey but lush Hwaiian food.

These are some hints on how you can reduce your Lanai travelling costs. Scouts for lower fares. The best option is to take a rental airplane from Honolulu to Lanai, as there are no airlines flying directly to Lanai. Hawaii's large charters provide low fares for travelers such as Hawaiian Airlines and Island Air.

If you are travelling in Lanai, you can rent a ride in the city centre as there are so many hire firms in Maui and Lanai that offer lower fares for visitors. When you want to bring your vehicles to Lanai, you can do so, especially if you want to be free to drive around the isle.

Try to contact the Lanai Visitors Bureau first to get a listing of the three best convenient hotels where you can spend the night and make reservations about them. Or, arrange a group holiday with your host families or buddies to Lanai to reduce the cost of board. Instead you can live in a condo with all conveniences at a sensible rate.

Hotel Lanai is situated near the centre of Lanai, where you will find a large selection of restaurants and shops, from those with limited budget to those who can pay luxury for it. The Lanai Hotel has 11 rooms, each with a charge of less than $200 per room per day.

The rooms are very comfortably furnished, with gorgeous hairwaiian quilted blankets that cover the bed, and the masterworks of hairwaiian artisans hung on the mural. There' s also the Lanai & Cottages Hôtel, a nearby walkway to most shops and restaurants in Lanai. These are another safe choice of travellers visiting Lanai Isle.

At the Lanai & Cottages, the eating experiences are second to none and can be compared to other four-star New York City cuisine. Or, if you want to go somewhere else, you can go to Dreams Come True Bed & Breakfast, where they offer tidy and comfy rooms with roomy and very cosy single berths and a relaxed bath room with whirlpool bath to relieve the exhausting effects of the everyday adventure on Lanai.

The last choice would be to come and remain in Maui and just go to Lanai, as Maui is rich in cheap resort, guesthouses and hotels. Or, better yet, remain in a Lanai City hotelier, as the area' s guesthouses, hotels and apartments are very accessible and within easy walk of the island's dining and shopping facilities.

Really, you don't have to pay so much to revel in Lanai's pristine nature. On this gorgeous Lanai you will be able to choose from a variety of outdoor pursuits while keeping your budgets. You can also visit historical sites such as the Manele-Hulopo'e Marine Life Conservation District and get an insight into the centuries-old fishermen's towns of Lanai.

Before jumping to Lanai, you should make sure that you have selected among the cheap insular excursions offered by various firms. It is also possible to hike on paths such as the Munro Trail or cycle on the slopes of Lanai. Or, head to one of the island's arts centres, where Hawaii' cultures and legacy are presented and your understanding of Hawaii's folk music is expanded.

The Lanai Art Centre is a centre for visitors and local people who want to participate in a workshop or just enjoy works of art. You can also stop by the Lanai Cultural & Heritage Centre to find out more about the historic happenings in Lanai and its people. From Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. you can come to this centre and experience how the first colonists of Lanai transformed the entire archipelago into a pinapple orchard and how they eventually developed into the first holiday resort for which Lanai is known today.

You see, taking a look at Lanaïs beautys is not that much money. One can see the splendour of Lanai without getting hurt so much. The Bird Man of Lanai Petroglyphs, on Shipwreck Beach, is another great sight on this lovely little beach that costs nothing.

The Lanai Petoglyphs are paintings or woodcarvings on cliffs that are not really that old, but a popular place for tourists for local people and people. Situated on Lanai Street 7, this Bed & Brekfast Restuarant offers various types of breakfasts that are very reasonable and will certainly meet your tastes.

In Lanai there are just so many possibilities for a cosy meal that you don't have to be worried about expensive food here. To eat without much money, just go to 8th Street, where you can just divide a turkey & Swiss or Roast Beef & Provolone for just $8 into two during your lunch break, and you'll already be feeling very full.

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