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On a Boy Book

""Is this a boys' book? That book, that story, that dream. If your girlfriend's sixtieth birthday is the same day as your boyfriend's thirtieth, what do you do? He remembers a text and is literally an image of concentration. GAGNANT : New England Society in the City of New York Book Award für Belletristik.

On a boy Summary & Study Guide

The About a Boy Summary & Study Guide contains extensive information and analyses to help you comprehend the book. Nick Hornby's About A Boy is a novel about growing up in midlife. Will' s committed, so when he encounters a lone parent and finds that this kind of wife is as hesitant as he is, he forms a two-year-old boy so he can join a group of lone mothers.

It is through this group that Will gets to know 12-year-old Marcus, a kid who is exactly the opposite of Will. While Marcus crowds Will in the hope that Will could get married to his mom, he later realizes that Will has all the expertise Marcus needs to stay in high schools. Together Will and Marcus fight their way through the daily routine and help each other to age.

Marcus' mom has been bummed since she moved to London and split up with her last suitor. Marcus also finds a goal for all the tyrants at his new academy. Attempting to get affection from his mom, Marcus is so concentrated on her own depressive state that she doesn't see how despairing Marcus really is.

Simultaneously, Will Freeman, who is phobish about engagement, has recently discovered that despite his aversion to all kids, dating individual females can be favorable to him and them. will' has arranged a date with a lone mom who is so exhausted by the dissolution of her husband that all she wanted from will was a romantic affair.

As a result, Will decides that the only girls he should be seeing are unmarried people. He forms a two-year-old boy and joined a self-help group for lone parenting. Following a rendezvous with SPAT, Singles Partners, Alone Together, Will Meets Suzie. Unknown to Will is also Marcus, Suzie' s best mate.

While on the pick nick Will makes a half-hearted effort to meet Marcus, but Marcus has a sinister grasp of humour that Will can't comprehend. But when Marcus accidently murders a goose by rolling a wheel of sandwich on its face, Will gains some recognition from Marcus' side by telling the gamekeeper about Marcus' intention to throw the sausage.

Suzie and Will are taking Marcus home. Arriving, they find Marcus' mom fainted on the sofa from an OD on drugs. I want to take the group to the clinic, uncertain why he's there and Marcus can't give any comfort. In the next few get-togethers Marcus is confronted with the thought that his mom tried to kill herself.

It comes to Marcus' mind that if his mom succeeds the next attempt to kill herself, another member of his extended household is needed to keep him from being alone. Marcus decided that his mom should get married to Will. Wants to take Marcus one afternoons to help him through the stresses at home.

I have Marcus insisting that Will involve his mom. But Will and Marcus' mom have little to say to each other. But Marcus is committed to keeping them together. Marcus is inviting himself to Will's house and blackmails him with the fact that there is no two-year-old boy.

And Will lets Marcus into his house and even gets him new pair of boots to go to school. But when Marcus' mom finds out, she leaps to the false conclusion and denies Will permission to see Marcus again. Resolute to have the right to think for himself, Marcus braves his mom and starts to visit Will on a regular basis.

but he' still committed to being his boyfriend. Simultaneously, the story of Will has come out and his deceit to this day seems to have killed lone mums. But on New Year's Eve Will met another lone parent with whom he immediately fell in sweetness.

Marcus is also committed to Ellie, a rebel schoolgirl, and is learning a few things about her.

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