Manele Lanai

Maule Lanai

Challenge at Manele Golf Course - Lanai Forum Any one have any views if this course would be cute for just the statistic golf player, or is it so complicated that it would just be frustrating? hey! We' re trying to choose between The Challenge and Wailea Emerald. I' ve noted that most amateur players get very frustrated no..


Do you plan to spend quality free lanai or just go golfing? I' d say jump it and go emerald on Maui. It would be a frustration for me to spend a whole afternoon golfing and then coming back. Anyway, if you're on Lanai, then yes, you can. Go for it.

I have also been hearing good things about Wailea Emerald and Gold. We' re looking for a beautiful sea view while playing it. Is there any feed on which has better opinions, emerald or gold? As I remember, they both have really good sea-view. Emerald is probably simpler to use, but both have many tea pots (4?) on each of the holes, so you can pick how difficult you want to make it.

In any case, I highly suggest to play the challenge at Manele. I would think I was an ordinary player (18 handicap), and I could make 90. There' s no doubt that the Wailea Emerald is a great course. Manséle Bay is definitely a score above! It' s a pretty costly challenge in Manele Bay, but it must be one of the best places I've ever been to.

I' m an exceptionally bad player and only missed a few golfers. Prospects are mezmorating, so my golf skills really didn't really count. This is a really nice track. I have great prospects. Like I said, it's expensive, but I'd do it again.

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