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The ultimate travel guide for Hanoi, Vietnam

Oh, I like Hanoi. Let's start with a videotape I made in Hanoi. How much can $10 get you in Hanoi, Vietnam? You' re right - I reached out my $10 in Hanoi to buy 7 things, among them a Uber MotoBike. It was my home town Hanoi for 4 month (from December 16th to April 17th), and I only have a few surprising things to say about this town.

When I lived in Hanoi, I was able to gain a good feeling and appreciation for Vietnam' s local civilization, cuisine, the local population, and the way of life - and I am more than enthusiastic to be sharing my knowledge with you in this paper! It is my intent in posting this contribution to give you inside information about things you can do, dine and see during your stay in Hanoi, because I know that as a beginner it can be daunting.

If you have any doubts or queries while in Hanoi, please do not hesistate to do so! This section will tell you so many accidental things and hints that I think you should know before you visit Hanoi. It is Vietnams capitol and the second biggest town after Ho Chi Minh town.

It is situated in the north of the state and accommodates around 10 million inhabitants in the area. You' ll probably spend most of your free day in the old town, where you'll find a ton of cafés, restaurant-houses, hotels, pubs, lounge, markets, nightclubs, hawkers and so on.

It' undoubtedly the "most happening place " in the capital - and therefore you can "see" Hanoi in 1 or 2 day (without having to stay there for a week). A further area of the municipality where you can find yourself is Tay Ho (translated: West Lake).

Here all expatriates in Hanoi are living, who mainly consists of expatriates with teaching skills in German. The Hanoi does not have many big or very small commercial quarters in a "city centre" - most of them are even less than 5 storeys high. You want to see a skyscraper in Vietnam, go to Ho Chi Minh town.

Hanoians - Most of Hanoians ( "Vietnamese" in general) do not understand English or have a very good basic knowledge of the language. In all honesty, Hanoi is quite rotten and usually seen out on the streets sipping teas and spewing flower kernels (that's the thing to do in Hanoi).

Chanoians like to sit in Tiiny seats and desks (like preschool-sized chairs) - and it's quite fun to see it for the first one. Hanoi has many backpacker travellers (mainly Australians, Europeans and Americans), as Hanoi is becoming more and more popular with visitors. The majority of them will hang around at nights in the old town or in Ta-Hien-Straße (Bierstraße) - more about this later.

Knowing Vietnamesische Wörter - Given the poor knowledge of Hanoi it is in your interest to study a few Vietnamesische words. Except for a few high-end seats, everything in Hanoi is just cashed up, so make sure you have twice as much money as you think you will need.

However, almost everything in Hanoi is inexpensive - I believe it is the least expensive capitol in Southeast Asia. Always make sure to negotiate when you buy any souvenir from a hawker or a small store (they always try to cheat you). To get around Hanoi - I would avoided cabs at all cost because the drivers are not kind and they could try to cheat you.

Hygiene - You can get it everywhere and I suggest you eat as much as possible! Prevent the ladies on the streets trying to give you donuts or pre-cut pineapple because they probably used a filthy blade and/or have been on the floor for some time. You have several ways to get to Hanoi.

With By Plane - Hanoi has a fabulous and fashionable Noi Bai International Airfield, just 10 mir. away from the town. Make sure you have a valid visas before entering Hanoi** (Americans and nationals from many other nations can get an e-visa online for $40).

With the train/coach - It is likely that you are coming to Hanoi from another place in Vietnam. Here are my top 9 suggestions for activities in Hanoi. Only at the weekend is the overnight fair on the city' s major road - I've forgotten the name of the road, but you can't miss it.

Hint - You should get a face pack to keep from smelling all the vapours on the road..... Enjoy a glass of Ta Hien St - also known as Ta Hien St, Ta Hien St is THE place to celebrate every evening of the city. Here everyone sits outside on small stools, drinks beers, and grills with their buddies before going to the club until the early mornings.

Take a draught of beers and stroll through Ta Hien to see artists on the streets and around the city! Visiting the city' s numerous cultural heritage institutions. I' m not really a real visitor (and I admit I haven't been to Hanoi either), but if you are interested in visiting the Hoa Lo Prison, the Ho Chi Minh and the Fine Arts Musuem.

Get some beers and get yourself laughing. venturventure to the sister villa (Le Mat) - For all adventuresome humans there is a small town about 7 mi. north-east of Hanoi named Le Mat, which is specialized in the sale of snakes. I left the #Hanoi Snakeside Village a few nights ago to have an interesting and interesting time.

Hanoi has the best Poh in a place named GIA TRUYEN on 49 Bay ?àn, C?a ?ông, Hoàn Ki?m - but it is only open every evening from 6pm to 10pm. They can' t miss it because the line is wound around the road. Banh Mi Place is situated at 38 Dinh Liet St and has a huge big red label named Banh Mi/Ph Co. near the central plaza, about 20 metres from the Aldo label.

A speciality from Hanoi, it is only available in North Vietnam and is my favourite in town. For the best bread, go to a place named Bún Ch? Hánng Mannh in the háng Mannh avenue. Eggetable - Hanoi is very well known for eggetable and it is known to have the originals in Vietnam.

It' only got plain eggs on top, and it has more yoghurt or vanilla pudding on it than anything else. You can find eggnog coffees all over Hanoi, but the best and most inventive place is named MIANG CAFÉ - you have to go here because it's unbelievable. sugar cane juices - You can find sugar cane juices from a grocer for as low as $0.30.

Whilst this is found throughout Southeast Asia, it is cute and tasty in Hanoi and you should try it! Juice - Because Vietnam is a tropic land, the fruits are as crisp as they are. And the best Fruits stall is on Bat Dan Street - it's really open at night!

Any Hanoi travel agent can arrange all your routes (there are virtually 100 travel agents on the Hanoi streets). It is not necessary to reserve one of these routes in advanced, as there is always an available one even in the high time. These are the best excursions around Hanoi.

Noinh Binh - Noinh Binh is a small, picturesque town just 50 leagues from Hanoi. No Binh only about an hours drive each way, making it the most comfortable excursion of Hanoi. This is the primary cause why Vietnam is visited. It is the Grand Canyon or the Niagara Falls of Vietnam, and no journey to Vietnam can be complete without it.

It is possible to make a daily excursion or a 2-3 days excursion from Hanoi (I suggest a 2 days excursion). It is about 4 hours by car from Hanoi. When you take a 2 days excursion, you will spend the night sleeping on the ship and waking up at the best dawn you have ever seen.

The Sapa Valley - Sapa Valley is my favourite place in Vietnam outside Hanoi. It is a little too far for a full excursion (7 hours each way in a sleeping car), so you will probably have to stay the whole evening in the town or with a host family. The majority of visitors go here for a trek (half or full time or 2+ days), where they will see several towns and see how humans are living their life in luck without material goods.

Inhabitants who are living there belong to the Hmong clan - they have their own dialects and look different in physical terms from the Hanoi population. But Hanoi is not as mad about a great place to go as Bangkok, Bali or even Ho Chi Minh - but there are some funny things to do.

The most parties take place in Ta Hien St (Beer Street) or in the dispersed Tay Ho inns. You have one of the best ranges of wines and smokers in Hanoi, and the ambience in it will accompany you allight. 1900 is one of the most wild nightlife clubs in town, right on Ta Hien Road.

Too - don't be shocked if you see folks doing whip-its out of a bulb of islium - they are selling them in the back and they are making you up for like 5 seconds (I don't recomend them). They can' miss this place in Hanoi! You can probably tell from this contribution that I am possessed by Hanoi and have a profound affection for the town.

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of what you can look forward to during your stay. Should you have any further queries about Hanoi, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will call you back!

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