Lanai room

The Lanai Room

The Tropical View; Tropical View Lanai; Pool View; Ocean Front; Ocean Front Lanai.

The indoor banquet hall with sea views is located at the lobby level and adjoins the Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant. Dinette; BIOLOGY Smart Skincare bathroom amenities; * Possibly also a Lanai Room located by the pool (lower building above the gym). Are you looking for a castle in Lanai? Lanai Rooms are located in the main building of the hotel near the main facilities of the resort.

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Immediate entrance to the swimming pools and large terraces are some of the facilities that guarantee a pleasant sojourn. State-of-the-art rooms with room-high, sliding doors have been fitted with new décor. Luxurious in a spas en suite with stylish ceramic tiles, deeply immersed tub, rain showers and slender twin washbasins illuminates sophistication.

Unwind on a royal queen-size queen-size cot with linen. Modern, water-inspired décor with sandy, light greens and aquamarines, accentuated with whitened wood and grassy wallcoverings. The room has a TV with TV, iPod player, coffee machine and mini bar. The majority of the rooms are shared in a shared lobby with the adjacent room, which can be closed and is used as a separate passageway to both rooms.

Connecting rooms and rollerways are not available at The Beach Club.

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Typical mid-century architecture that defined Palm Springs: low level horizontally, blank blocks, an indoor/outdoor area with an open-air passage to a closed domestic area. There is also a separate room with saunas, a large open sitting room for meals or drinks and a demonstration room.

It' for the lonely visitor who needs space to wander through, or it becomes a refuge for secluded pairs or simply for the convenience of a few metres of space for a friend or relative. The villas are furnished as one-bedroom suite with large, cosy lounge, eating area and courtyards surrounded by hedges. Six hundred sq. meters of relentless happiness.

Private areas by the swimming pools, Bougainvillea Terrace, Lanai rooms are all over close to the swimming pools - along with their Bougainvillea-clad atriums. Seating area outdoors, Maroccan fabrics, neat, minimal contours form a distinctive dice base that stands out with Maroccan fabrics, grass-covered blankets and beautified throwing pieces. With a twinkle in the eye to traditional seating and a pair of poppy-red seats, this ideal mix of styles is enhanced.

Light-hearted charme and a daring, careless look convey joy, lightness and well-being. Brilliant, Jonathan Adler designs happily chic. Luxury en-suite facilities have an exquisite range of interior comforts. Electic, cheerful decoration, excess is worth it. What is the real importance of the number of metres per sq. m. if the same décor, styles and furnishings fill the room?

All the same exquisite, cheerful furnishings and the same spoiled comforts as in this cosy, open plan lodging.

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