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All I found was from Tahiti Cruise and Vacation. Coming from Tahiti and Bora Bora, via Moorea and Raiatea, get ready for the holiday of a lifetime on these tropical islands of breathtaking French Polynesia. Raiatea / Bora Bora / Huahine / Papeete, Tahiti / Fly to the UK.

Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? - Floral Forum

Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? Me and my missus are planing a 2-week journey to Bora Bora in June 2013. In order to get things mixed up, we will make a detour to Rangiroa. In the Hilton Bora Bora for 6 days; 4 days at Rangiroa Kia Ora; and then 4 days back to Bora Bora in the Four Seasons.

Up to now I have received some quotations from tourist agencies. I' d also like to receive an offer from Costco Traveller, because I've been told that they are very cheap. Since the beginning of July I have been calling Costco Traveller every weeks to make enquiries. You say that you do not yet have any agreements with Rangiroa and that you do not know if you will do the same for 2013.

Anyone else involved with Costco Travel? Do you want me to hold out and call every single Friday or just give up? I' ve been reading good things about Costco Travel in this forums, but so far they haven't been very useful. Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? Hello John, sound like a great ride!

I' ve been to the resort you mention....the Kia Ora in Rangiroa is really beautiful these times! However, you can search the Tahiti Tourism website for a certified specialist who can help you optimize your itinerary/package/prices and maybe get some extras/beads like updates etc..... Costco: It is regrettable that they were not more pro-active with your alternative requests (perhaps the agents were not in Tahiti).

If you have any special question, as many of us here at TA are traveling to Tahiti regularly....I'll be going myself soon! best regards, 2nd class: Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? I' m quite sure you can't go from Rangiroa to Bora Bora without returning through Papeete.....the planes just go to Rangi, not the other way.

It' easy to top up the prize by another $1000& not to speak of the amount of round-trip travel through Papeete and then waiting for your plane to Bora. The above point that you do both of your Bora stays BEFORE your trip to Rangi makes more sense than back-tracking.

Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? I' used them without any problem for our journey to Moorea and Bora. She was a Costco chick! Does anyone use Costco travel for Bora Bora? First you have to do your own home work and have reduced your destination, itinerary and accommodation to 2 and then use your agent to get the cost of your journey.

While you are looking around and paying elsewhere, you can keep your booking with a returnable down payment for a few nights (3?). A further *'tip* for Costco is not to use them to make your bookings. You''ll be adding $50 per way and per passenger to the ticket - at least when you make your booking.

Do you know the costs of your flights beforehand and if Costco can make bookings without raising the fee, then you can sign through them for facility - otherwise. You are saving at least $200 straight on the ticket from LAX to PPT and back. Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora?

We just got bookings with them earlier this month for next July. You have to tell them exactly what you want, no bells and whistles salesman, got great prize, stored $ 1,100 through my own retailer. Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? Second-handCO and had a great deal of expertise. Saving several thousand bucks, the Costaco salesman sent an email to the hotel to ask for a free OWB update in Moorea (which we received) and a special BB chalet (also received).

We were not sure what we wanted or what we were doing when we reserved, fortunately this particular operative was claiming to have been several of us and was carrying us through. So we were able to "save" the journey without having to book it, so that we could view the travel information they sent us by e-mail a hundred time.

By the way, after having read Meadowlark's Mail - we posted on COSTCO for everything, inclusive of airfare, and were not billed the $50 pp charge. We' re not sure if she made the booking before or after us - we made the booking in January 2011. Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora?

That was very useful.... especially the hints about the flying itineraries. It looks like it makes much more sense to spend the 10 days in Bora Bora first and then go to Rangiroa for the other 4 after that. Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? All I found was from Tahiti Cruise and Vacation.

Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora? I' d strongly advise it if you haven't taken Hilton Moorea into consideration. We' ve been there for a whole weekend, and we've totally liked it. The following weeks we remained at St. Regis Bora Bora and found the deep waters and the shortage of corals around the reserve a disappointing experience, although the breathtaking deep sea is breathtaking!

However you choose, it will be the journey of your life! They' re coming back to plan a ride back! Does anyone use Costco Travel for Bora Bora?

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