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Fishing in Kapiti Island

No fishing, neither from the boat nor from the shore. The Kapiti coast overlooks the shadow of Kapiti Island. They offer excursions to Cuvier Island and the surrounding area from July to October each year. Watch out for a variety of birdlife and bathing areas. Cambridge Lodge New Zealand is close to popular fishing and excursion destinations.

Snappers ((12lb), Trevally, King Fish, Kahawai, Gurnard, Barracuda, Shark all at Paraparaumu Beach!

Another few era you knowing its fitting injustice fishing. Well, yesterday was the best one I' ve had so far (as the heading of the pole suggests) and all this just before the Paraparaumu Boat Club. It was not necessary to go to Kapiti Island or go fishing directly in the reservation or even sitting in the canal.

Best fishing was 20 - 30m of sea and all over the beaches. We had some big take and a bunch of actions the night before, just as the flood was about to change, but I think we were just a little too slow, so we only got a snappers.

We' had been told that fishing just before a gale shows astonishing fishing and the Maori fishing calendar also predicts good fishing. I was not pleasantly surprised by the number of vehicles on the shore as everything pointed to this date - as well as the fact that it was Friday, maybe most of the fishing is done at the weekends.

So we took the ship out of the barge and were confronted with a good 1.5 meters of sweep. There was a heavy tide, dragging our ropes southwards, but we knew that this would fall quickly, so we could keep our 3 oz blanks on with the snapper rigs even if they didn't reach the ground.

But I don't think it worked well at all....it took about 30 - 40 minutes for our first fishmonger who was a Kahawai and this was great - about 5- 6lb. It was not kept and so it was replayed when it came near the ship.

Well, my sibling experimented with sardine lures this one. In fact, he has both catches bound around a whole hook on his snatch Rig. And he also used a 50-pound rig because a big fishy man had slashed his line last night. I' ve also kept with the catch Rigg only at the 20lb line and with a big stripe of cuttlefish.

I' ve done this to see if this platform is also suitable for other types of game. It is not like a catches pulling down and not like a kahawai moving your line to the side. Anyway, I thought it better not be too big and not have big teeths because we're in a small ship with air-filled floating buoys holding a swimmer.

The large tooths and the thin, long torso showed a barracuda. Well, we didn't want those tooths in the ship, so the barracuda was back in depth with a turn of the grapple remove. Well, at least we know what was chewed through his line last night, it wasn't a big snapper, it was obviously a barracuda.

So we were just wonderin' if they hung out in school or scared other people out? We don't know much about this species and have chosen to continue fishing here. Both of us knew what it was and when it came to the ship, it was obviously another Barracuda. Also this one we cleared and from Paraparaumu Yacht Club we went about 400m further southwards along the shore.

The strong saucepan was almost empty and now the currents were almost completely gone - ideal for fishing, unfortunately not much to lure them to the water. Approximately one and a half hours had passed - we had received 1 Kahawai and 2 Barracuda. We felt there were better fishing to be had.

Not long before the easier fishing pole was in a seemingly friendly snatch. This was a funny battle on the easy tail, although she didn't move much to the side like a Kahawai. And I found out this guy didn't give up like a little snappers. He went underground a few time.

When my sibling got close to the ship, he yelled, "It's a great trevally. He said that this was a giant trevally, I had never captured one of these before, so I had nothing to say whether it was a big one or not.

But he laughed his mind off, "what on Earth is a revally doing out here".... he was sure they were only trapped around the cliff. It was 45cm and my fishing rod was captured by my fishing rod and what a nice fishing rod..... very accidental... in fact this was just the beginning of a very accidental a few fishing time.

That was a guard, just like Iki Spiked, who was put in the fishing box. We' ve had no chance with the two bigger poles with snapper rails and large baits on them. Then I put the light tail down again and within about 10 minutes I had another one.

He was fighting like a Snappers again and not like the Trevally, so I was sure it was a Snappers. When we brought it to the barge, it was again a beautiful Gurnard, far above the lawful height and the biggest we had until then. First we asked why this light weight tail got good numbers of them, but still gave our snatchers the belief that they would soon be in operation.

Certainly not too long after my little bro had a nibble and then a hard one. Not like barracuda, it was just a pure own-it had to be a sharks. So we took it to the barge, and I'm sure it was a dogfish. Also a good height - over 1m.

But my sibling said if we got it back, he'd keep it because she ate well. We' re netting it and putting it in the ship. My sibling lured his line with this operation and then took it down. When the Kahawai fought away, I watched the dogfish and said to my bro that we should let it go, it's way too much flesh and I think we'll be more.

To make sure that he would not go down again and chase away the other fishermen, he chose to "throw" him back into the sands. Shortly after he had done so, my heavy fishing line bowed over and my little boy leapt to get it out of its cradle. Fighting to keep the pole and train the resistance, he dropped from one side of the ship to the other.

However, my brothers' line was still among us, so I thought this might be a big snappers. It launched the lifting and winding operation with its tail to take the big ones up. Shortly after, he shouted out - "It's a giant snappers!

Although half the flesh was suspended from the net, I still succeeded in throwing it into the canoe. He was the biggest snapper I've ever seen. I didn't really have much to admire that, but I still had the Kahawai with me. When we had looked at it, we determined that it was a big snapper, but probably not to give up the old farmed species we had promised.

The Kahawai was a very big one again, but we were only after 2lb Kahawai not the breed herd. For the snapper we got the ballast in at 12lb, again this is a bit weird to catch this great sized pelagic in this position in Kapiti.

Two kahawai - the two barracuda, the trevally gurnard, the shark and now this giant snapper. The snacks turned into another light weight tail we had. "Damn", I said.... it's another great Kahawai. I' ve got to say, Kahawai, I have a lot of regard for you. It was during this period that my little boy got a beautiful pan-sized snapper - it was overshadowed by the big snapper, but still a great meal.

While I had another great fight with this great Kahawai. I' ve got to tell you about these long battles with Kahawai, the next fishing I had on that pole was the greatest suprise of the mornings. Perhaps it was ironic or maybe it was just pre-purchase, but when I released this last Kahawai, I told my older Kahawai that he was a big Kahawai and that he should just make sure he didn't have a big green King Fiish with big green cocks.

I knew this was a Kahawai. Now I had in mind that a little bit of gold means king fishy. Perhaps it was the direction of the planet or just ironic all this talking about King Frish-- Approximately 15 minutes after I let go of the Kahawai, I got some snacks on the light bar with 8lb Nyl.

One more Kahawai. Actually, I was so exhausted from my last 2 fights with the Kahawai that I wasn't too excited when I was playing only this one half of them. The Kahawai let me twist around the other ropes he got entangled in, and with a more relaxed unraveling with the other poles it was clear again.

Certainly enough, like the powerful Kahawai I had to let go of the spool in places just to take the load off the cane. About 10 minutes later I flaked around with the catfish - let them run and tried different logs, I came to the top. On first sight, I thought it was a Kahawai.

I took a fast picture and approved it - because the statutory height limitation is 75cm. Completely withdrawn we asked ourselves how on the world we had captured a king fish. Lovely ending for a few fishing lessons.

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