Oahu Tourist Map Pdf

Pdf Oahu Tourist Map

You can download a PDF map of Oahu. Find out why travel guides to tourist destinations, museums and architecture in Oahu Island. Map of Oahu, or city and county of Honolulu, and its main towns and communities. There are also Honolulu travel guides, sights and shopping highlights. Tags: reference, Hawaii, zip code, map, pdf, download.

Maps of O'ahu

Honolulu is known for its old town and Chinatown and extends from Honolulu International Airport to the Ko'olau mountain-mountains. Waikiki, the quintessence of the O'ahu resort, has sandy shores and hot waters, good year round meteorological conditions, sea life, shops and food, and is home to most of the islands most of the hotel industry.

The south-eastern part of O'ahu is one of the driest places on the isle. Pearl Harbor is the most popular landmark on the Lees. O'ahu's countryside north coast offers wonderful sandy beach, scuba-dive, surf and snorkel. Its coast is unspoilt and unspoilt, and its shores are the trademark of the tropic happiness.

Big Honolulu maps for free download and printing

Honolulu card's real measurements are 1527 by 907 pixel, filesize (in bytes) - 537895... To open this Honolulu map, which can be downloaded and printed, click on the map itself or on this link:. Honolulu card's real measurements are 2560x1681 pixel, filesize (in bytes) - 1135061.

To open, downlaod and printout this map of Honolulu, click on the map itself or on this link: Connoisseurs who want to hire a vehicle should keep in mind the high fuel prices. At Honolulu they are changing every single working days and can be very different at different petrol points.

Hondolulu Citymap, point of interests, road map of Honolulu USA

The combination of Ala Moana Upper and Ala Moana Lower with the Skycab Single Rail System makes this the biggest indoor ball in Hawaii. There are a wide range of stores, from well-known favourites to regional ones, as well as a movie theater and canteens. It is Honolulu's proud to have the biggest open-air commercial centre in the run.

There are over 250 retail outlets, including large hypermarkets, boutique and gift shop, as well as design outlets such as Armani and Dior. The Aloha Tower Marketplace is the right place for you if you need to buy gift and gift items from Hawaii. You can find them all here, from handicrafts in Hawaii to shirts in Hawaii!

One of Hawaii's most famous icons is Diamond Head. The Foster Botanical Gardens are the oldest in Honolulu on the list of the National Registrar of Historic Places. Home to over 40,000 works of artwork, this Honolulu collection shows the world. In Honolulu, this beloved Honolulu tourist destination receives 3/4 million visitors a year.

The national historical landmark is an Honolulu architectural icon. This palace was constructed in 1871 and was home to the Hwaiian Empire. In this shopping centre there are many well-known stores like Macy's, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Radio Shack. This memorial was conceived by Alfred Preis, a Honolulu-born, and was included in the National Registry of Historical Sites in 1966.

Home to 50 outlets, this is another aspect of Honolulu retail. Luxurious design firms such as Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are among those presented, which offer large price reductions compared to normal malls. The fish life of the fish in the tank includes shark, dolphin and seal.

Waikiki Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and a must for every Honoluluer. This area is full of idyllic places for tourists, souvenirs, hotels or even a restaurant.

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