Population of Samoa 2015

Samoa Population 2015

The re-election of Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi, in office since 1998, took place in 2016 Economic characteristics of the resident population since the 2010 census. The population of American Samoa continues to grow, but at a fraction of the rate before the war. Mr Tuilaepa said that the stagnating population of Samoa is not promoting development. 42,000, or 22% of Samoa's total population. The 2001 census showed that the Muslim population of Samoa was 48 or 0.

03% of the total population.

Prime Minister of Samoa proposes genealogy plans

Tailaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, the Prime Minister of Samoa, has criticized the concept of genealogy because it "disturbs" population increase. Parent's choice to have fewer kids is counter-productive because Samoa needs more workers to work the area. Tuiilaepa made the point during a news briefing where he said that there was no need for birthrate controls in Samoa.

"I' ve been told that the reasons why some of my family can' t allow themselves to take car of (too many) children," said Tuila Nepa. Mr Tuiilaepa said that Samoa's stagnating population is not promoting it. "Today our economies have been growing and yet you see pairs who are busy and have only one or two children," he said.

Reinforced Samoa 1918

In 1918, the latest piece of theater dancing by Wellington-based Le Moana. Launched in Wellington in May 2015 during the language course S?moan, rebuilt in Auckland in July for a postseason, Le Moana has since been featured at the National University of S?moa in 2016.

"When I was four years old, my father had to teach the young men of the town who were digging the crowd tombs; there was also a young lady in the town, who was dying while nursing her infant..... although I was little, it was a very difficult period for us" Drawing inspiration from the recollections of her dear grandmother, Avea'i Fui, and the research of Dr John McLane, Tupe Lualua's work is an answer to the disastrous 1918 influenza pandemic in Spain.

In 1918, a livecampaign investigates the impact of the illness, which killed almost a third of Samoa's entire population and became a catalyser for Samoa's opposition to New Zealand's collective rule. It is our first global corporate launch and we are honored to have the chance to bring this event back to the scene.

We are a multifaceted group of artists with experience in Siva S?moa, Maori, Cook Islands and Contemporary Dancing. In addition to the 1918 show, we will offer free dancing workshop to university college graduates and locals. It is one of the 1918 line-up of our workshop during our concert in Auckland.

Further fundraisers are three appearances in Wellington on January 22 and 23 before we leave on January 27. 100+ will get two $100+ for one of our gigs on January 22 or 23 and two seats in a dancing class with our casts. 1918 " completed in S?moa Projekt.

Lava, first of all I would like to thank you for your continued financial contributions to our Le Moana team and for the generous contribution you have made to our latest project "1918" at S?moa We had to cancel our intensified promotion due to administration reasons regarding the time frame of our fund-raising campaigns and our date of travel for S?moa

On 22 and 23 January we will present three benefit events before leaving for S?moa (see enclosed flyer).

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