Kadavu Fishing

Cadavu fishing

Great blue water game fishing charter fishing for Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin with Bite Me Fishing Charters awaits you in Matava in Kadavu, Fiji Islands. Obtain the latest tide tables from Kadavu province showing high and low water levels, fishing times, weather forecasts, surf reports and solar maps for this week. Kadavu is home to one of the largest barrier reefs in the world. Snapper Ruby caught on board the Golden Eagle fishing in Kadavu waters. De Kadavu Group, Fiji;


Sailing Charters

We' ll be fishing the isolated Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef for GTSs, drop offs for WAWOO, JUNGFIN, and SAILFISH, near ditches for Mlin, and secluded sea mountains for Dogtooth Tuna. Offering specialized GT pointing and deep-water rigging charter for Kadavu Island's renowned Monsters and Dogtooth Tuna. We' re also trolling the 100 km long Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef, Korallenatolle and Seeberge for WAWOO, SAILFISH, YELLOW FIN THUNFISH, MEHI MOHI and MALLIN.

Angling " Tourism Kadavu

If you are an enthusiastic fisherman or if you are a new fisherman in Kadavu Island, you will find a heaven for fish. Situated on a secluded volcano peak in the South Pacific. Coral-lined lakes, encircled by kilometres of unspoilt cliffs and the dark purple ocean, provide plenty of fish.

Toss pointers or fly to gigantic monster revallys, big dog-toothed treviso jigs or trolls offshore for big size records of mahoo, pelagic sail fish, yellow fins, marlins and marlins. Kadavu's summers are from January to May, when the general climate is quiet. It is the perfect period for polecasting and deep-water rigging for big revally and dog-toothed thuna.

Fisheries Protocol: Catches & releases is the standard fisheries record. A large number of yellow fin tunas are migrating during this time, with the biggest being 200 lbs/90 kg in February/March. Yellow fin schooling gathers near the shore and is easily accessible to fishermen from all areas. ahimahi ( "Dorado") are a frequent crop as well as blueberry marmalade up to 500lbs/225kgs.

As a rule, the windy weather in the southeast is characteristic of the northwest. There is a course of Pazific Sailfishing. Giant amounts of mahoo accumulate into packages along the outside edge of the coral cliff. The Kadavu is renowned for its run and several recent IGFA-Wahoo WRCs have been captured here.

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