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Town Savusavu

Savusavu needs an elevator. It' definitely the hidden paradise of Fiji People are friendly & always smiling, Savusavu town is such a small town, but very clean I LOVE IT . and Savusavu city. The property is located directly in Savusavu Town and currently houses BSP Bank, Savusavu Branch. Located on one of the largest bays in the South Seas, Savusavu offers a safe haven for boats from all over the world and great fisheries.

City, harbour and community - Spectacular Savusavu

Town of Savusavu is the bustling small center of our area. It is open every day (except Sundays) and offers a wide selection of fruits, veggies, fish and handicrafts. In Fiji, there are T-shirt and sarong clothing stores, footwear stores, hypermarkets, hardware stores - even a grog-shop for the purchase of Kava (in Fiji "grog" means Kava instead of alcohol).

Don't expect that you can do anything you want - we are still off the beaten track and everything like computer or cameras equipment or medicine should be purchased before you go out of your home. However, you will enjoy browsing through the stores and talking to the shop's owners.

Fiji living and civilization are the hallmarks of Savusavu. Overcrowded in a traditionally profound way, we are proud to be the only truly inclusive partner of Fiji with the towns. It is our aim to find towns that provide a welcoming welcome and a genuine flavour of Fiji living, and we also ensure that they manage the money they get from tourists in their towns in a responsible way.

If you come to Savusavu, you can really leave the well-trodden paths and dive into the true Fiji Islands. avu is a city with inhabitants of all breeds; the towns are traditionally Fiji municipalities in the surrounding area). Take a look at our site on village and community life - it is a truly remarkable effort that we are pioneers in.

Savusavu's deepwater port is known in the yacht industry for its safe, sheltered berths and ease of docking. More than 200 yacht charterers come to us every year and we organize one of the legs of an annual sailing race.

Saturday Savusavu City Shoppin' - Savusavu Farmers' Market, Savusavu Traveller Reviews Agency

If you are looking for hand crafted presents to take with you or your boyfriends, you should go to the city of Savusavu on Saturday. This is the days when all the craftsmen who are open are there with the catch, fruit and vegetables and more.

Savusavu's handicraft store, located at the farmer's square, is the best place we have found in Savusavu to get genuine crafts. You have objects like puppets, decorations, paintings, sculpture and more and you can speak to the locals about them. The majority of stores in the city do not accept payment by bank card, so make sure you are bringing money with you.

However, they also take US dollar. There is a small branch on the other side of the road where you can make withdrawals. Here we purchased costumes, mannequins and ornamentation from parts of Fiji countryside. For about $10 US$ each, we purchased nice angels for about $15, puppets for about $20, and kitchen utensils, which we use as exhibits from about $20.

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